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What is a Mini Sheepadoodle Puppy?

The F1 Sheepadoodle is a Designer Dog Breed, the cross between a Sheep dog and a purebred Poodle. Unlike many Designer breeds that consist of shedding breeds, both are non-shedding/allergy friendly, therein producing the same in their offspring. They are the best for allergy suffers. The Sheepadoodles have so many adoring characteristics. They are a GREAT family dog!

The mama is an Old English Sheepdog with a silly fun loving personality typical of the bred. They are loyal to their family and like to be able to keep their family safe. My Old English Sheepdog Cherry has a routine that she follows every day. She roams the parameters of the property checks on all the animals and fence lines to make sure that everyone is in their proper place. She does this 2x daily, morning and once at night. Once she is confident that everyone is in their proper place she comes in and lays down. The activity level of the old English sheepdog really depends on the individual. My girl loves to play catch. She also goes on a walk at least five times a week.

The toy poodle is really more like a cat they are fun loving want their snuggles and then their content just to be. At least this is the personality of our toy poodle stud Todd. The grooming requirements for the mini Sheepadoodles will depend on your lifestyle and home. For example if you are combing out your pups hair on a weekly basis they can wear their hair longer. If you are outdoors more you may want to keep them cropped a little shorter. Summertime shorter is better to make sure they don’t get fox tails in their paws that go undetected. The mini sheepadoodle puppy will have a softer version of the sheepdog since it has been combined with the poodle. Some of these pups will have very curly hair while others will just have a wavy coat.

How Big Will My Mini Sheepadoodle Get

The size of these mini sheep a doodle‘s is an average based on the size of the mother (80lbs) and the size of the stud (8lbs) we are estimating them to be in the 35 to 45 pound range making them very similar to an Australian Shepherd in size and girth. Genetically it is hard to determine exactly what the weights of these puppies will be, as this is Cherry’s first litter with this stud. We have had puppies that range in size on both ends of our average.

What Personality Will the Mini Sheepadoodle Have

Sheepadoodles puppies are calm, sweet, and loving, always delighted to see their human families. They are people oriented. They are great with children. Sheepadoodles are very clean. They are easy to house train. We start them on potty training as soon as their eyes open and by the time they are 6wks they all have a good idea of a pee pad or going outside. They are extremely intelligent and they are very willing to learn. They are eager to please. They are great with other animals. The mini sheepadoodle carries the personality of the toy poodle as well as the OES . Our Mini Sheepadoodles have been socialized with other pets, children, and adults. We do a lot with our puppies so they will become one of your most cherished family members! They have had their dewclaws removed. They have had their puppy shots appropriate for their age and have been on a deworming schedule. They were started on ENS for advanced maturity and better immune systems. These puppies have had tails docked as is common for the OES. Both parents are not hyper or barkers, and of course they are non-shedding/allergy friendly! Both parents are clear for Hip, Thyroid, Vwd, and NE by parentage.

They come with their health record, a health contract, and some Loyal Life Puppy food from Nutrina.

mini sheepadoodle puppies for sale Idaho
mini sheepadoodle puppies for sale Idaho

This is PET PRICE ONLY! NO BREEDING RIGHTS! They are a Spay contract.

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