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Does Puppies Come with a Health Guarantee
How do I pick a puppy if I do not live near you?

We will Skype or FaceTime you in order to help you pick the best goldendoodle puppy. Often when they are small it is color or size preference that is most important as their personalities aren't as apparent until they get start maturing. When your best goldendoodle puppy is ready, we ship via You are always welcome to come here to Haystring Farms and pick up your puppy. There is an additional fee to ship puppy, email for quote.  We do accept Paypal for deposit, (please 

select goods and services). Any additional fees for Paypal or Credit Cards are added to the purchase price. 

The Most Important Question of all. Is a Doodle right for me?

We each think we want a puppy. They are so cute and lovable.  It is important to remember that you need to train and spend time with that puppy so they grow into that member of your family that you just cant live without.  Plan to spend at least 1 hr per day with socializing and training. Basic care, feeding, coat maintenance and lots of love are all things you'll need to take into consideration as a new pet owner.  We offer training tips to keep you moving forward. Once the puppy is at your home there is no refund or returns. This is a commitment. Are you ready? Have you done your homework on the bred? 

Puppy Deposit

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Best Goldendoodle or a Smart Sheepadoodle?

How to Pick the Best Mini Doodle Puppies

mini red f1b goldedoodle puppies

Each one of our puppies is vet checked and vaccinated at 6wks to insure the highest the level of health for your pup. We offer a 1yr health guarantee against genetic defects and disease. Our pups receive neuro-stimulation beginning at birth and we use the TTouch method to encourage a calm pup.  Our pups begin potty training at 3wks of age to increase the ease you have in your home with training. In the event a pup is not a good fit for your family we are happy to help you re-home it. Deposits and purchases are not-refundable.

Clicker Training - TTouch Training

We use clicker training with all our dogs and recommend that method to you. It is rewarding and easy to learn for both you and your pet. It is a reward system vs. punishment and we have found our pets respond faster and want to please due to the reward they receive. Your reward is a well mannered happy member of your family eager to learn and please you.
We offer additional training at a rate of 100. per week. Options include crate training, leash training , potty training.   We are training companion - service dogs with the TTouch and clicker methods.

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