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Responsible Breeders dogs

The best Mini doodle breeding Start with our  amazing Mama dogs

All our Dams and Sires are fully health tested

They do not live in kennels, they are apart of our life and the family's they live with

Stella the Benese Mnt. Dog


Bernese Moutain Dog

Stella the Bernese Mountain Dog is a big bear in a dogs body. She is so loveable and loyal to her family.  We breed calm mini bernedoodles and Stella is a perfect example of calm.  Her first litter of mini bernadoodle puppies found homes quickly.  

Mini doodle breeding Start with our  amazing Mama dogs



Dutchesss BMD

Miss Dutchess is a Bernese Mountain Dog. She is 70lbs and is an easy going gal. She sits at your feet to get loves and keep pushing in if she feels you are not giving her the right amount of attention. She goes on walks but they are not her favorite. She loves to sit in the cold grass and smell the flowers.Mini doodle breeding Start with our  amazing Mama dogs

mini bernedoodle

Miss Paisley F1 Mini Bernedoodle

22lbs flat  tri-colored coat

Miss Paisley lives with a large  family in guardian care. She is right beside you waiting for you to join in the activities. Her sweet personality and loyal family ties are what we love in the mini bernedoodles..Mini doodle breeding Start with our  amazing Mama dogs


f1 Mini goldendoodle

Welcome to our Mini Doodle breeding program! Our amazing Mama dogs are the foundation of our breeding process. We carefully select each one for their temperament, health, and intelligence to ensure that their puppies will make wonderful family pets. We are committed to providing you with the best possible Mini Doodle puppies.


F1 Golden doodle

 Miss Freckles loves going for walks, chasing squirrels, and going on car rides. Her coat is light golden with dark gold highlights and weights 30lbs.  

Her puppies will average 15-20 lbs depending on stud boy. Pups will have soft wavy coats

for mini doodle breeding success we start with happy healthy mama



Moyen Size Pure Bred Poodle

 Guin is the director of all activities  of the home in the best way possible, keeping her family where they need to be at all times.

Guin weights 38lbs her pups will average 25-35 with non shedding hypoallergenic  soft wavy coats   She is currently here at the farm.

Quin is a favorite for her happy mini doodle breeding additude

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