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Why Should I buy an Older Golden Doodle Puppy

An Older Golden doodle puppy is more confident and less timid than a younger puppy. This is a good thing when you consider the time and attention a younger puppy needs to mature and settle into the best golden doodle family pet.  We have watched this process play out over the years of breeding doodle puppies here in Twin Falls Idaho. There is nothing quite as adorable as a new puppy lets say in the 8wks to 17wks range however they require more time and attention to settle in and become the confident pet we all love.

We have found that families tend to shy away from older golden doodle thinking that there is something wrong with this pup. There is nothing wrong with older golden doodle puppies they were chosen to stay on longer to get extra training and more confidence. We have found this to be a winning combination for our doodle puppies.

mini golden doodle puppy Ted
Ted is 17lbs-calm and 8months young

Who is the Right fit for an Older Golden Doodle Puppy

Most of the older golden doodle puppies and doodle puppies from our family are homed with retirees. It is a lot of work to train up a puppy and a golden doodle puppy that is older is ready for adoption with the confidence they need to go into a new environment with ease. We have heard back the older golden doodle once they catch your home and system are quicker to settle in and easier to train.  This is a winning combination for our retirees to enjoy to joys of a puppy without the work of a new puppy or younger puppy. With the confidence of an older golden doodle they are not under your feet continually, they are often able to sit and wait for you to acknowedge. I have enjoyed seeing the development of our doodle puppies in this process and with confidence send them out to a new home and new environment.

Is an Family a fit for an Older Golden doodle puppy

I can in good faith say that one of our golden doodle puppies will  fit into your own family just as easily as a younger puppy. If you have young kids they tend to be noisy and this can be scary for a younger puppy. An older puppy is not as concerned about the nose. An older puppy is not as timid by the excitement of a young family. Be careful of the golden doodle you chose to bring into a home with small children, ask questions and if possible bring kids to meet the golden doodle puppy. We have had families who visited each week for the kids to play with the puppies and it was a win win situation for both puppies and kids.

We recommend one of our young doodle puppies or one of our older doodle puppies. Get a puppy its good for you, its good for your kids, there is nothing better for mental health than a mini golden doodle puppy from Doodles4love

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