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Helpful Hints for Teddy Bear Mini Doodles4love

  Here at doodles4love we have compiled  some answers to frequent concerns in the first couple months you have your new friend.

•         The first day (or two) are an adjustment period for both you and the puppy. Take it easy and know that in the next couple days you two will start to settle in.

There is also an adjustment period for you as a new dog owner.

                               Breathe.... Relax.... You will figure it out.

•         Rule of thumb: For every month a puppy is old, that is the number of hours they can hold their bladder. The first couple weeks you'll need to let them out once or twice a night.

•         Crate Training is something we start puppies out on early. Dogs naturally like the safety of their own space, and crates are an effective technique in keeping dogs out of trouble while you're away. We recommend you continue the practice of crate training,

•         Goldendoodles don't shed, but their coats still need maintained. Your puppy will need brushed a couple times a week. They'll need groomed usually every 2 months.  This will keep your dogs coat healthy, and will prevent foxtails and burrs from embedding and causing problems.

•         Keep up on the Vaccines! Your puppy has already had their first series of shots, but there are several more they need as they grow. Please contact your vet to schedule your vaccines and wormings.

•         Puppies get into everything and sometimes their stool can be crazy colors because of the things they've been eating. Its pretty normal. If your puppy has diarrhea for more that 48 hours, do call your vet. Also, If your puppy gets bones to chew, expect white chalky stool, which is normal.

•         Socializing is important! Its something you need to continue with when your puppy comes home. The more places and people your puppy sees and meets, the more comfortable they are around new situations. Socializing now will affect your puppy's entire life for the better.

•          Daily Exercise is important for your puppy. A walk everyday will prevent Hip Dysplasia from developing in your puppies later years. Not only that, but you puppy will sleep better and have better manners when they have an outlet for their energy.

•         Please Remember: Any bad habit your puppy develops is fixable. Another way to say this is: Any habit that your dog continues is one you are giving them attention for. If you want them to stop barking, train them to get a toy when someone comes to the door. If they are jumping, teach them to sit before they get petted. You can do this with any habit.


We want you to succeed! Please email us at if you have any questions or concerns! Remember once the puppy is at your house you have committed to love and care for them. We do not refund puppies. If you find the pup is not working for you you can always re-home them. 

                                                       Be Sure. Be Ready. 

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