What to expect with your new Mini Teddy Bear  Doodle puppy!

What to have on hand

Before you pick up your puppy, please have the following things ready for your new arrival: 

  1. Leash

  2. Food and Water Dishes

  3. A Safe Place – We recommend a crate with a pad or blanket inside. The crate should never feel spacious to your puppy. It only needs to be big enough for them to turn around inside.  If your pup is flying to you they will in a crate that should serve them for a while

  4. Age Appropriate Toys – This litter likes  teddy bears, squeaky toys, things with strings, and rubber toys. In about a month when they start teething, get some rubber toys you can freeze beforehand. It feels good on their gums. Have enough you can trade toys out daily.

  5. A Veterinarian picked out – shop around, you want your puppy to be well taken care of.

       Schedule an appointment with your Veterinarian within 72hrs of receiving your pup. If              your vet found a health concern that our vet missed please contact us immediately.  

       Pups can not fly if they do not pass a detailed health clearance. This gives you comfort in          knowing your are receiving a healthy happy puppy.   


Please note that travel and change of food can effect your pup. It is common for the first few days with all these changes to have diarrhea  and or vomiting. However it should not last more than 3 days after travel without a change for the good.  Give pup a few days to settle in and return to playful self. Ck out our Helpful Hints for tips once they arrive home

Freckles Puppies

Immunizations Dates:

  Your puppy will need you to keep up on its shots! Please don't let them around other dogs outside of  your home until they've had the full series.

Veterinary Health Check up 

 1st round of immunizations administered by Veterinarian 

Canine distemper- Adenovirus Type2 -parainfluenza -Parvovirus Vaccine-


________  ...1st shot & worming

2nd  _____________2 to 3 wks

3rd set will be 2 to 3 wks after 2nd 

- 2nd round of immunizations (  we administer injection and wormer if pups are here)

3rd round of immunizations includes  rabies shot


Your vet may have a  different schedule for their immunizations, ask them. Also, Heart worm Medication is not mandatory for dogs here in Idaho, but Heart worms are transmitted through the mosquito. If your area has a large amount of mosquitoes or its been a wet spring, talk to your vet about options. 

Microchip  registry       https://www.freepetchipregistry.com

Feeding and Potty Training


When you pick up your puppy, They will come with a few days supply of the dog food they are on while here at Doodles4love. We feed  Eukanuba  from Chewy. They will deliver it directly to you. Or loyal  life from Nutrina. A high quality grain-free food will be fine. When looking for quality feed, The first ingredient should be meat, the second ingredient should be a meat product, and the third should be a vegetable. Any Feed that has those first ingredients should be fine. 

How much they eat is based on the puppies weight. They weigh between 8-10 pounds at 8  weeks. They'll eat 1 cup per day to start with, adjust as they grow.

There are two ways to feed your puppy – timing or free feeding. Timing is where you feed your puppy 2 or 3 times a day. You would break up their daily needed food into half cup or 1/3 cup increments. Free feeding is where you fill up their bowl and keep it full for them. For puppies we recommend Timing their feeding to help you potty train faster. Not only that, but free feeding encourages obesity in dogs. 

Potty Training 

When potty training, keep in mind your puppy's bladder is very small. A good rule of thumb is for every month they are old, that's how many hours they can hold their bladder. When they come to your house that will be 2 hours (at most!). You'll need to be prepared to let them out every 90 minutes or so the first week and upon waking from naps. They'll need let out in the middle of the night once or twice as well the first week or so. Please don't make your puppy hold their bladder for too long while they are in their crate at night, this can cause painful urinary infections. This can be prevented by letting them out of their crate around 11 pm and around 3 am, for example. Other than their potty breaks, they can be in their crate 7-8 hours at night. Puppies will holler loudly and make you think they are in destress.  Check to be sure they are not and then walk away.  Puppies will sit right beside mama and holler the same death scream. They are fine. Always take puppies to the same spot out side to potty and praise them with a "Good Potty". Do this every-time and before putting them in kennel. It is recommended that you put pup in a closed off area with crate or gate around crate. This will minimize the area the pup can potty. 

After your puppy eats, let them outside for at least 15 minutes, to let them eliminate. Dogs have a simple bowel system, if they eat, they will eliminate within half an hour. Getting on this schedule will drastically help your potty training efforts. 

If your puppy has an accident inside, there is no point in rubbing their nose in it. Instead, rush them outside and when they potty make a point to praise them thoroughly. Potty training is a process, don't get discouraged. All dogs have signals for when they need to potty. Becoming familiar with those signs will prevent accidents while you are at home.  Some signs of needing to potty: whining, wondering off, extra attention to smelling floor. 

Books on training: Training the best dog ever  by Dawn Sylvia-Staciewicz and Larry Kay

What your puppy needs before you bring him home and how to crate and potty train:     https://youtu.be/zth8EQ-0z2Y


Your puppy may shed and they will need brushed often and groomed several times a year.

A dogs teeth are a good indicator of internal health – the cleaner your dogs teeth stay, the healthier your dog will be, generally speaking. You can brush their teeth, but what we do is we give them bones to chew. This scrapes the plaque off their teeth and keeps their jaws strong and healthy. 

Barking is natural. That being said, its not desirable. To counteract barking, only praise them or give them affection when they are quiet, either after they've finished barking or before they begin. Don't scold your puppy for barking, just ignore the barking and praise them when they are quiet. We have effectively used and anti bark collar that sounds a high pitch when your dog barks.   

Here at Doodles4love we practice Positive Reinforcement Training. Any book by Karen Pryor is a great resource. We also recommend Barron's Dog Training Bible for training tips. A fun book for you and your dog is 10-Minute Dog Training Games By Kyra Sundance.  Please train your dog, you will enjoy them more and be able to take them more places when they have better manners.


This isn't a comprehensive list of things to consider with your new puppy, but hopefully its all the important parts! If you have any other questions, email us at doodles4love@gmail.com, We want to help you and your puppy succeed!



For your peace of mind we recommend a Veterinary check up with in 2 days of arrival to confirm and verify health condition. You have 2 days after puppy arrival to report a health condition that does not match the health condition puppy was sent to you with. It is only with a verified Veterinary report that we will offer a refund.  Otherwise there is no refund offered or implied. 

 We are happy to help you re-home your puppy by posting their photos on our available pups page. We have tried to estimate the size and temperament of your puppy to the best of our ability. It is our hope that you will love your puppy even if they are bigger or smaller than we estimated.

Spay/Neuter Agreement: This puppy is being sold as a companion pet only, not for breeding.  Buyer is obligated to spay/neuter the dog by the age of 1yr. Please consult your vet for advise on what is best for your dog. 

    This guarantee will cover only loss of life that is caused by a fatally genetic factor for up to 1 year of the puppy’s life. This doesn’t cover things that happen to your puppy in your home that cause injury or death, illness, or such things that are inherited genetically or things that are NOT fatal -  such as, but not limited to, hypoglycemia, Guardia, hernia, hip dysplasia, luxating patella, open fontanel, Coccidiosis, BSD, communicable diseases (such as Parvo), Thyroid conditions, heart murmur, epilepsy, personality disorders, temperament or other such things.

    The BREEDER has given all appropriate shots/worming for the puppy's age, and a record of this vaccination/worming history will be supplied upon pick up/delivery of the puppy. All puppies have worms, don’t panic just treat it.


The BREEDER is not liable for illnesses caused by not keeping puppy vaccinations current.

     The BREEDER is not liable for the health of your puppy or any bills incurred to maintain the health of your puppy after the puppy leaves the BREEDERS home and is picked up by the BUYER. It is recommended by this BREEDER that the puppy not be taken out in public until the puppy has had its full series of protective vaccinations. It is advised to talk this over with your vet.

    The BUYER agrees to maintain the puppy's health in good condition, and provide quality grain-free food, clean water, clean living conditions, vaccinations, worming, and veterinary care to assure good health. We feed Loyal Life by Nutrina.

The BUYER agrees not to abuse or neglect this puppy in any way.  

    The BREEDER has done everything possible to produce healthy , sound, social, and happy puppies by breeding only sound, healthy, socialized, friendly adults; and by raising the puppies in the best way possible in regards to diet, exercise, clean housing, vaccination/worming schedules, socializing and veterinary care.

    There are many factors that can influence growth and development of the puppy, such as diet, exercise, environment, attention, training and handling, housing, etc. THE BUYER assumes the responsibility to carry on with the appropriate vaccinations, exercise and feeding schedule, and training as recommended by THE BREEDER.

    THE BUYER understands that the puppy will need plenty of attention. THE BREEDER  recommends planning at least an hour of time to be spent with the puppy each day. Along with adequate attention, the puppy will need training and socializing. THE BUYER is fully responsible for ensuring the puppy is safe for children, other dogs and pets, and the general public to be introduced to. THE BREEDER has began this process, but it is a life-long pursuit that the buyer is responsible for.
    The BREEDER can offer no further guarantees once the care of the puppy is not longer under their control.


 Doodles of Twin Falls, ID, USA



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