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Teacup Golden Doodles are too cute for Words! Come and See!

teacup golden doodle puppies

What Size are Tea cup Golden Doodles ?

This generation of teacup golden doodles comes in at an estimate of under 15lbs at adulthood. Mom is 15lb and dad is 10lbs and if we take and average we are like to fall in the middle or 13lbs. However like all golden doodles there are outliers on each side of that scale. We have 3 females to are at this point so tiny that I will be surprised if they reach 10lbs. The male golden doodles in this litter are a bit bigger than the females so they will likely come in at the 15lbs mark. Two of the male golden doodles in this litter have the perfect markings of our stud boy Todd. We have some deep red golden doodles in both male and female and one in the tiny size.

What are the Personalities of Teacup Golden Doodles?

Teacup golden doodles are very similar to all of our golden doodle puppies in that we expect them to be snuggly bundles of puppy joy that light up your life and make you smile in a world gone mad. Golden doodles are so great for mental health with those happy personalities that spill over and make you smile as well. We have many prior families who report back to us that their golden doodles bring so much joy they often get another doodle puppy from us.

At Doodles4Love, we aren't just a mini doodle puppy breeder. We are dedicated to creating joy with our delightful Mini Doodles. As a mini doodle puppy breeder of the following breeds such as Mini Goldendoodles, Mini Sheepadoodles, Mini Bernedoodles, and Mini Cavapoos, it is our mission to bring love and laughter into every home with our puppies. Each breed carries unique charms, cheerful dispositions, and boundless affection. With us, it's not just about adopting a pet. It's about welcoming a bundle of joy that lasts a lifetime. For further info email us at: ******* Visit the following for more updates ******* ✅ Our Official Website: ✔️ Facebook: ✔️ Twitter: ✔️ Instagram: for the latest golden doodles and cavapoo puppy info

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