Our Mini Doodle Puppies find their homes quickly.

Puppies are not held until a deposit is placed.  



We only breed Sires and Dams that Pass Breed Specific health testing

We Can Not  Guarantee the Gender of Puppy Deposit is Non-refundable



200.00 Priority Waiting Fee

500.00 Full Deposit

Deposits are NON-Refundable    Option to  start with PWL of $200. and Pay  $300. deposit balance

Once litter is confirmed.

Deposit Payment Options

Venmo @Amy-Loughmiller (no fee)

PayPal fee included in deposit link

buyer is responsible for all P.P. fees

Mini Doodle Puppy Litter Announcements 

Purple Female Mini Goldendoodle
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Tan male goldendoodle
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blue male golden doodle
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black male mini goldendoodle
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pink female mini goldendoodle
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tri-color mini goldendoodle
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Mini Bernedoodles arriving soon
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Sammy English Cream retreiver
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F1b mini Goldendoodle- Sammie

Born Nov 5 homes Dec 31

Creams-35-45lbs  $3500

6 pups- 3-M 2 F- cream 1 Tri-color Male

1.East Deposit received

2.Mason- Tri colored Male Deposit Received 






 Miss Guin has been confirmed Pregnant Due Dec 27th Homing date Feb 27

She lives in a Guardian Home 

Mini Bernedoodles f1b

30-40lbs- tri-color-parti

wavy to curly coats



We Can Not  Guarantee the Gender or coat of Puppy.

Deposit and purchase price are Non-refundable.

Please be sure a puppy is right for you

Puppy application link at bottom of page

Breeder is always 1st Pick on Every litter

Winter- Spring 2022 Planned litters are as follows:

PWL fee gives you Priority when a litter meeting your application comes available

Dutchess -f1 mini bernedoodles  -Spring 2022  - 35-45lbs  $4000. 

Freckles -golden- reds- Spring 2022  f1b micro mini goldendoodle  under -20lbs  $4500.

Tonks f1b mini bernedoodles Spring 2022 tri-color- Merles-  25lbs $4500.

Paisley- f1b mini-micro bernedoodles  Spring 2022-  Merles  20lb average $4500.00

Cherry - F1b mini Sheepadoodle  Spring 2022   -35-45lbs $3500.

Stella f1 mini bernedoodles Fall 2022 $4000.

Sammy f1 mini goldendoodles Fall 2022 

* Read litter pricing Before you submit application*

1. Puppy Application Form

2. Click Here to Get on Priority Waiting List

Non- Refundable Priority Waiting List: fee $200.00

Deposit Balance is Due Once the Litter of your choice/timing is Confirmed Pregnant 

Breeder is always 1st Pick on Every litter

Any fees not moved towards a litter within 1yr are assumed void.

*We can not guarantee when our girls will be bred as it up to Mother Nature

( Folks to be notified when a litter/mama is pregnant  )

   F1 mini Sheepadoodle Cherry

1. Elise deposit received

2.Clutter PWL Received 

3.Dan & Jen PWL Received 

    F1 Mini Goldendoodles Sammie

1. Owens PWL fee received


F1b Mini Bernedoodle   Paisley  or Tonks  

 Joel  Deposit  Received

 F1 Mini Bernedoodle Litter Dutchess

1-Plummer PWL Received


All of our Mini Doodle Puppies are as follows:

 Puppies can be CKC registered, Sold as Pet Only! We sell our puppies to excellent pet homes (sold as pets).   And must be neutered by 6 months of age, or guarantee will be void. Microchipped

(https://www.freepetchipregistry.com) , dewclaw removed, utd on age appropriate immunization and worming includes 2 yr genetic Health guarantee. Started on crate and potty training.  We use ENS and elements of Puppy Culture  to help pup adapt to new environments.  Puppies are well socialized around other animals and visitors at appropriate age.  If you put a deposit on a pup we will  send out a weekly photo and video as well as update Social Media regularly so you can watch your puppy develop and grow. 

We have represented our puppies as well as possible, we can not with 100% certainty guarantee weight/size, coat texture and color as they mature.  Doodles will be 85% grown at 6 months.  Doodle may shed baby coat and it can grow back different colors than baby coat. It is common for doodle coats to turn grey if black as puppy.  Depending on the stud we use the doodle can take up to a year to get the doodle coat. It is easier to maintain doodle coat if cut in a "puppy cut", groomer will be familiar with term.


  Full Non- Refundable Deposit is $500.00. Option to pay $200.00 to be placed on PWL with balance due once litter is confirmed. 

Click Here to Get on Priority Waiting List

Puppy Balance due in cash at pick up or Venmo 1 wk prior to delivery.   (VENMO @Amy-Loughmiller -Paypal link on homepage)

Paypal is an option but you will need to add 3% to cover their fees.

Puppy delivery pricing:  

Within 4hrs : $350.00

4-8 hrs: $700.00 

 Air cargo $600.00 (add 100.00 for pups over 20lbs /or 12 wks)

 Air Cargo may not be an available option due to Covid. Plan to hire a nanny or we can meet you at airport for a pup handoff.  

 Air Cargo includes all airline required shipping crates and vet health documents, additional vaccinations. If shipping cargo we take care of all details. We ship via United as they have temperature controlled cargo and they get our pups to you safely and without trauma.


 Nanny travel is available, you arrange all details.   Citizen Shipping is a great resource to find your own transportation for pup. 

Ck out our life on the farm page to see past litters puppy comparisons 

Now that you have decided on a puppy check out our New Owner Checklist


Breeders We Love

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Here at Doodles4love we are excited for you to purchase a puppy. We want you to have the best experience possible, So here are some of our policies.

•         There are no refunds 

•         The genetic health guarantee is only as good as the food you put in the dog. The genetic health guarantee is only valid if you are feeding your puppy grain-free food.

•         You are buying a quality dog. It's had a premium upbringing, and as much love and training as it could handle in its first eight weeks of life. That being said, your puppy is a clean slate. In other words, your puppy needs training. We recommend going through several classes with your puppy.

Backyard Breeders
You may pay a cheaper price for a pup from a backyard breeder, but you will not have solid information about the health and temperament. In most cases, these people do not know anything about the genetics of their breeding pair or how to produce a healthy puppy. They just decided to let their dog have a litter of pups for fun and/or money. The cheaper price is not worth the gamble you are being asked to take.
Responsible Breeders
 A puppy from an ethical, reputable breeder will normally cost more.  However, your are not just paying for a puppy: you are paying for years of accumulated information, education and experience.  The reputable breeder has put time, knowledge and dollars into a well-planned, thoroughly researched breeding program.  They are looking at the latest scientific data in an effort to produce the healthiest, happiest puppy possible, in order to offer you more years of loving companionship.
Responsible breeders will provide each buyer with a written genetic health guarantee - not a 3 to 90 day guarantee. They will want to know about you and your family in order to match you with the pup that is best suited to your lifestyle and your home environment. These breeders are educated professionals who are concerned about keeping the breed as healthy as possible for the next generations. With a deep love of the breed, in general, and their dogs, in particular, they will offer references, including giving you their vet's name and phone number. In addition, they will be there for you should any unforeseen problems arise, or to answer questions, share new knowledge and provide advice for years to come.
You get what you pay for. When the purchase price is too cheap, it may mean large vet bills and an ill puppy, or a temperament problem, down the road ahead. If you cannot afford to purchase a puppy or an older dog from a reputable breeder, please adopt from your local Humane Society, rather than from a puppy mill, pet store or backyard breeder.