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Mini Doodles Puppy Waiting List  Application 

Start your mini doodles puppy waiting list here:

1.Mini doodles puppy Application

You must first fill out and be on our mini doodles waiting list  and questionnaire/application so that we can be certain that we are matching  puppy and the new family correctly.  We reserve the right to refuse to sell our mini doodles puppies to anyone for any reason. Our goal is to place our mini doodles puppies is the best homes possible, matching the mini doodles puppy to the appropriate home so that both the puppy and their new family are happy. 

Answer the following questions in the comment section of form:

How would you like us to contact you?

Phone_____Email _____Text message_____

What is the time frame you are looking to purchase a mini doodles puppy_________________________

Any children in the household?______ Are there other animals in the home?___

Does anyone in your household suffer from dog allergies or mini doodles allergies?____

How many hours per day can you devote to a puppy?__what arrangements do you have when you are not home?_____

Do you live in a home that allows mini doodles?__ 

Will you require shipping for your mini doodles? How did you hear about us?

Are You following our mini doodles on Social Media?

Please do so as we update daily

Any other questions, comments or concerns for us to consider about your future mini doodles



1.Puppy Application

Mini Doodle Puppies  
Priority List

2.Priority Mini Doodle Puppies list

  • With your Non-Refundable holding fee of $200, you will be placed on the appropriate priority waiting list for the puppy/litter of your specifications.

  • When we have a puppy or litter that we believe matches what you're looking for, you will be notified.

  • You may then choose to move forward with the puppy/litter presented to you or you may continue to remain on the list for a future puppy meeting your specifications.  

  • You move to specific litter line up after paying deposit balance of $300.00. We ask that you wait until Pregnancy has been confirmed before paying final Deposit balance as it is Non-Refundable.

  • Full deposit of $500. is applied to purchase price. 

Our "Breeder Reserve" will always be at the top of each list, which is intended to be reserve puppies to continue our own breeding program.​

Process is complete once you read health guarantee and deposit is received 

Do not fill our this form until you are ready to send Wait list Fee of $200.00

To be placed on our Priority Mini Doodle Puppies Waiting list Return the following info:

Name Address Cell Phone

Breed Preference?  What size doodle are you looking for? 

Under 10lbs___15-25lbs____Medium 30-40lbs____ Standard 45-65lbs___

What gender puppy do you prefer?   Male___________Female______

( although we can not guarantee gender we will always try)

 What generation doodle are you looking for
F1___F1b___Not sure___

What kind of coat would you like your puppy to have?

Curly__ Wavy__Straight__Fluffy__Flat__

Color Preference

(Colors will vary depending on Stud Used)

What temperament are  you looking for?

Playful___Gentle___ Docile___ Intelligent____ Affectionate____ 

Please read the new owner checklist page/health guarantee  before sending PWL fee.

A $200.00 non-refundable fee is required to complete your place on Priority Waiting list

Venmo @Amy-Loughmiller

The wait lists are sorted as follows:


  • Mini Goldendoodle- 30-40lbs

  • Mini-Micro Goldendoodles 15-20lbs

  • Mini Bernedoodle 30-40lbs

  • Mini Bernedoodle F1b 15-20lbs

  • Mini Sheepadoodle 25-35lbs

  • Mini-Micro Sheepadoodles  F1b 15-20lbs




Priority Waiting List Form
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