Mini Dog! Poodle Studs

toy poodle stud

Todd Mini  Poodle


Weighing in at 10lbs he is a toy poodle stud boy.  Red curly hair with bright White markings and boxy face give his puppies a teddy bear look.  Todd is the perfect toy poodle,  Lovable calm and just darn cute. He has his health tested. He only carries 1 Furnishing this makes 50% of his offspring to carry a slick coat unless the female is F/F. Best when bred to girl with FF and CC genes. His pups carry the deep red and the white markings as seen on Todd. He is a good match for and f1b generation. Can Ship Semen.


6lb Toy Poodle Stud boy.

He has been health tested . Frankie has a boxy nose that he passes on to his puppies.

He is a goof ball who loves to snuggle and play ball. He  has an outgoing personality and loves everyone he meets.

He carries 2 furnishings and 2 curl markers.   He tend to throw smaller puppies. We have used him for our sheepadoodles. He is a/w a/t and is best matched for a 2 color carrier of 3 color carrier female.  We have seen cute cavapoos, and aussidoodle with markings that are sure to please.   Can Ship Semen 

Hugo is our newest member of the Doodle for love family of stud boys. He is a brown and tan phantom toy poodle. He carries a/t a/t F/F C/C He has long legs and does not carry the midget leg gene. He loves to play with the puppies. He is so tender with them as well as the big girls. So excited to used him for his first litter in 2022.

frankie stud poodle
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