Mini Sheepadoodle Puppies

Here is what our past London puppy families are saying

"He’s super fun...very playful personalized, and very smart.

And we do appreciate the head start on house and crate training!"

"He is so friendly and loves to cuddle "

"He is so stinking cute!!! We LOVE him!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️"

Miss Clyde-Todd

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We have a darling litter of mini sheepadoodles with great markings! They will be 25-35 lb full grown. They are 8 weeks old with the sweetest personalities. Parents are genetically tested and clear, puppies come up to date on shots/wormer and a vet check. They will be ready for new homes after June 10th. We have both females and a male available. 

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Photos in slide show are puppies from prior litters


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micro sheepadoodle
micro sheepadoodle

micro f1b sheepadoodle 11lbs London/frankie past litter photos. waiting list forming

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small mini sheepadoodle
small mini sheepadoodle

small mini f1b sheepadoodle- London/frankie

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minisheepadoodle f1
minisheepadoodle f1

Mini sheepadoodle f1 puppy from Cherry litter

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micro sheepadoodle
micro sheepadoodle

micro f1b sheepadoodle 11lbs London/frankie past litter photos. waiting list forming

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Hypoallergenic and Non-shedding pets

A sheepadoodle is a hybrid dog whose mama is a sheepdog and dad is a toy poodle. As both the mama and dad are non-shedding and hypoallergenic dogs we are able to bring these great combinations together for a smaller version of the sheepdog. You get all the great qualities of the sheepdog who is a loyal family pet, easy to train, smart as a whip.


Our tiny mini sheepadoodles start finding the pee pad and food bowl as soon as their eyes open. They want to be around people and other animals at a young age. This personality trait is what makes the mini sheepadoodle puppy a family favorite with a calm temperament, intelligence and friendly nature.  


Miss Cherry is our full size Old English Sheepdog.  She likes to have everything in order around the farm and in fact does her rounds morning and night to be sure every thing and everyone is in their proper place, as is expected from a herding breed. She loves to direct traffic, so to speak, by moving you along to where you need to be.  We breed for temperament, and Cherry is no exception. She adds to that the mild temperament we love and want to pass on. We have found a winning genetic combination with Todd our 10lb poodle and Cherry. This combination is producing our the mild mannered sheepadoodles. Some of their pups are tri-colored like a berne and others are the traditional black and whites.

Miss London is our F1 mini sheepadoodle 

She has micro sheepadoodle puppies that weight between 15-20lbs. Her micro sheepadoodle puppies are the  F1b generation will be hypoallergenic with wavy to curly coats.

Here at the Minidoodles4love homestead we think that the best mini doodles start with the best mama dogs.  We won't breed a girl unless she is proven to have the mild manner and temperament we strive for. She must be easy to train and a loyal family pet first.

Please research this breed completely for understanding of the herding breeds. They can  be nippy and you as the owner will need to train out any behavior that does not fit your family. Any  puppy you bring home will need consistent training to assure that bad habits are turned into good behaviors as quickly as possible.  Do not wait until your pup is 6 months or 1 yr before you begin training. Start with a good citizen class found at your local PetSmart or area trainer. We like to say their are no bad dogs just the need for better understanding of why dog is behaving the way they are and what do you as a dog owner need to change or correct the communication between you and your animal.


What Stud would be the best for our mini sheepadoodle puppies?

We want those same stellar health qualities in our stud boy. All our animals have past a genetic breed specific health test prior to breeding

Genetically we will get the traditional coloring in our mini  and micro sheepadoodle puppy as well as tri-color option.  The size of the puppies will vary, however the range we estimate is 1/2 the mothers weight as she is the largest and take an average with the studs weight. Our estimate brings our mini sheepadoodle puppies at 35-40lbs for minis and 15-20 for micros at adulthood.  Cherry weighs in at a healthy 75lbs. 

       What qualities do you want in your Mini Sheepadoodle

The body shape of our mini sheepadoodle puppies for sale in Idaho will have a boxy shape. What we strive for is a proportionate  length and height  with the mini doodle face and coat we have all grown to love.  The coat should be wavy and easy to care for with minimal grooming. The coat can be a soft wave or a tighter curl, both are common. These mini doodles will reach their full growth or at least 75% of it by the time they reach 6months of age. 

You will expect to see a playful - silly personality with agility. Like all mini doodles some will be more energetic than others.  In the large breeds it takes about 2yrs to reach maturity, however in mini breeds we would expect about 1 yr. Mini doodles are full energy and require training to reach the point of best mini doodle ever temperament status. Walking or mental exercise will keep any puppy following good behavior practices.

Research first to find the right breed for your family.

Plan to do puppy training throughout the 1st yr.

Local pet stores have training classes

Hire a local training expert

Continual training and attention 1St Year = Years of the

Best Pet Ever

Mini Sheepadoodle Puppies for sale