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Unique Phantom Bernedoodles At Doodles4love Available NOW

Updated: Feb 19

Unique phantom bernedoodle puppies carry a variety of colors or markings.

A Tri-color pup is any that carries three different colors.

The pattern or arrangement of those colors can and will often differ.

Two colors patterns are known as Parti or Tuxedo.

A Unique color pattern called a phantom bernedoodle when the pup has distinct eyebrows and matching leg color and a patch of that same color on the chest. It is a term most common in Poodles however the Bernese mountain dog is considered to be phantom bernedoodle with the addition of Irish White Markings on the nose and forehead and some amount of white at the chest.

When we breed a Bernese Mountain dog for pups we will strive for a look-a-like pattern or a phantom bernedoodle markings in the offspring. This is more difficult than one realizes. The first pairing or F1 generation comes the closest to the Bernese markings with a rate of about 80%. Then the second pairing is called the F1B generation. In this generation, we will get about 50% of the traditional Bernese markings. Now here is the tricky part about breeding for specific markings and colors. Both the dame and the sire have to carry a strong genetic color pattern that they can then pass along to offspring. To add one more layer of difficulty when we are sizing down and breeding for a smaller Bernedoodle pup we will breed to an F1 or an F1B. Remember, every time we step away from the main breed we have altered our genetic pattern.

Miss Guin as an example is a 30lb poodle. she carries white and black phantom markings and so her offspring will carry the phantom markings. The stud boy we used was an f1 mini bernedoodle who is marked similar to the Bernese mountain. dog. He carries white, brown, black, and tan. All of the colors will show up in some combination or another on the offspring.

With Miss Guin's litter, we got the unique Phantom bernedoodle markings in brown and black pups. The Irish White tends to become more prevalent as the pups grow. The most important thing to remember when considering a mini bernedoodle for your family is the personality traits we always get with this breed and it carries on to each generation. We will get a boxy nose and wide feet that will have you thinking your pup is going to be very large. The Miss Guin litter of F1b mini bernedoodle pups will average 30lbs and be low shed. If you are interested in a mini bernedoodle puppy with unique phantom markings visit our available puppy page.

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Reserve one of these unique mini bernedoodle puppies today for a homing date of Feb 22-2022. Shipping available via travel nanny or airport meet up. Cargo puppy travel is now available via American Airlines.

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