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"Tips for Welcoming Your New Toy Goldendoodle Puppy into Your Home"

Updated: Feb 3

Toy goldendoodle puppies will arrive in 2019.

A toy goldendoodle weights between 7-15lbs as an average.

Our toy goldendoodle puppies will be red. Some of our puppies will carry the white markings of our stud boy Todd

Toy Goldendoodle puppies mama Miss Freckles

This is Freckles> She weights 24lbs

and will be bred to a teacup poodle to produce the toy goldendoodle puppies in the fall of 2019. Freckles comes from our Sammie the English Cream retriever and has so much love for her humans. She would be content to sit in your lap and stare into your eyes, if you gave the chance.

toy poodle stud
toy poodle Todd is just a teddy bear

Toy Goldendoodle Puppies

We are hoping that our puppies carry the amazing colors of our stud boy. Our toy goldendoodles will likely be red with some white markings and weights will range from 10-20lbs Todd carries 1 furnishing as as such 50% of his puppies will be slick coated doodles. These mini doodles will look like miniature golden retrievers. Most will be a deep red and remain deep red as they grow. Todd is personality plus, more like a small human than dog. He passes that fun goofy personality along to his puppies.

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