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Toy goldendoodle and mini doodle puppies Coming

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Molly our Goldendoodle has been confirmed with a litter of toy goldendoodle - mini goldendoodle puppies. These mini teddy bear doole puppies  will be f1b in reds and golds. Molly has the cutest mini teddy bear doodles with teddy bear faces.  Her past litters have thrown curly red coats and wavy golden coats.

teddy bear mini doodle puppies

 These mini goldendoodle puppies are born here in Idaho at our family farm.  As a small mini doodle breeder our goal is to  breed the best teddy bear mini doodles for loveable family pets. We spend a lot of time with the love and care of our mama dogs.  Each of our girls get a daily walk and training time to keep them fit and their minds being challanged. It is a win win for them and for us.

Is it Safe to Breed a Goldendoodle When She Cycles

 If you have been following us you can see that our girls have a litter every heat cycle.  There are 2 schools of thought on this.

Our Vet. has told us that as long as the female is healthy she does better if she is bred every heat cycle and then retired from breeding at the age of 5 or 6.  The second option is to skip a heat cycle and only bred 1x per yr. This can be harder for the female to get back on track with the hormonal changes that occur with pregnancy.  The female can however be bred longer in her life until she reaches an age that she is to old to be healthy in pregnacy.  We've used both methods with success.  One of our goldendoodle girls was having  problems with carring her pups and  health to feed them was drawing her down.  We decided to skip cycles with her and see if 1x per yr is easier for her health. If she still has problems we will nueter her and she will be the best goldendoodle family pet ever.  

Mini Doodles Healthy and Happy


teddy bear mini goldendoodle
teddy bear mini goldendoodle

Our goal is to have healthy and happy mini teddy bear doodle puppies here at our family farm. We are doing our part to raise well adjusted mini goldendoodle puppies and mama dogs that have a whole lot of life in them.

Once we retire one of our females we will place them in homes where they can spend the remander of their life being loved on endlessly by a pre-approved family.  The advantage to these familes is a well mannered mature pet. Some people would rather skip the puppy stage and adopt an older family pet.  Check back or email us to be notified of available mature dogs.

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