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My Life With Mini Doodles: Follow my Journey Of Love

Updated: Feb 23

At Doodles4Love, we're not just dog breeders. We're a part of a community of Miniature Doodle lovers, where each puppy brought into the world is a bundle of joy. This article shares the experience of bringing up Mini Doodles, understanding their unique traits, and cherishing the rewarding journey of love and companionship. Whether it's the playful, intelligent Mini Goldendoodles, the enthusiastic, lovable Mini Sheepadoodles, the fun-loving, affectionate Mini Bernedoodles, or the charming, gentle Mini Cavapoos, each breed is filled with an abundance of love and affection

"Congrats to the family of a Doodles4love pup. We love ours soooo much . She’s almost 6 and is happy to offer any advice about leading a happy ever after life"

"Congratulations to the new doodles 4 love owner. I have had my Hailey for 3 1/2 years. The BEST pup ever"

"Thank you Amy for posting Hailey’s photo. Hailey has brought joy to me since the moment we met. Being her doggy daddy has been one of the BEST experiences of my life. I’m so happy I found you and thus found Hailey!"

"This is my mini sheepadoodle pup Boise from Doodles4love I brought him home March 11, 2020 just in time for the pandemic! He has been a best friend for me. He will be 4 January 9th!"

"I’m so happy with my new puppy he’s the best really good with the kids kids love him and love spending time with the puppies I had a really good experience was given good information and would recommend to others looking for a doodle thank you so much"

the joy of a mini golden doodle

"Can’t say enough about this breeder and the amazing pups they raise. Got my mini goldendoodle at the end of May. I saw one photo and instantly fell in love. The process was so easy. We had to get our sweet Molly from the farm in Idaho to our home in Massachusetts but Amy was amazing to work with. I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter, more well-behaved puppy. She was already doggy door trained so potty training was a breeze. Literally only 2 accidents in the house. We are taking Molly to puppy ts4Love 10 stars I would."raining now and she is picking up the lessons incredibly quickly. She is an absolute dream.

the journey to joy of a mini golden doodle

"Kira is by far the most amazing dog I’ve ever owned. She has such an incredible temperament and is so easy to train! She is ready for whatever adventure we want to go on! That has a lot to do with the time and love put in to her development by her breeder!

Kira is a mini Bernedoodle and I had read so many things about stubbornness in training but that is not at all my experience! Amy, at Doodles4Love, has been so available for any questions and has been a dream to work with!

When people talk about good breeding they mean people like Amy! She gave us the gift of an incredible companion! My family and I cannot thank you enough!!"

our new golden doodle is pure joy

We just bought a puppy from Doodles4love, and we couldn’t be happier with her! Our little Millie is adorable of course, but she also has the sweetest temperament…very chill & snuggly. We’ve had her for 4 days now and she hasn’t had a single accident or barked in the house. She seems very healthy, and we’re just so grateful that we found Doodles4love! Amy, the breeder, was really easy to work with, answered any questions we had, and even told us we can continue to contact her with any questions we might have about Millie. We went to Amy’s farm to pick up Millie, and it’s a beautiful setting with lots of room for the puppies and grown dogs to run around & play. These puppies have definitely grown up in a safe, beautiful environment, and I would highly recommend this breeder to anyone…absolutely no reservations!

See all our reviews and comments in our Social Media accounts. Our Doodle families love the doodle puppies they have gotten from Doodle4love.



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