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Mini Doodles for sale Ships USA

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

We have mini doodles for sale Idaho as of Oct 25-2018.  These are mini goldendoodle puppies from Sammie our English cream golden retriever . We ship across the USA so it does not matter where you live.  The two mini goldendoodles in the picture both flew to Sacramento Ca. they arrived safely last night to their new homes.  We are hoping to find homes for the teddy bear mini goldendoodles  puppies we have remaining from this litter. See our available mini goldendoodle puppies for sale page for updates on puppies.

mini doodle for sale Idaho
Milo heads to California

Milos family is a body building expert. His human runs a training business to help others achieve the goal of good health. Milo was brought into the home for a support animal for his human mama. Did you you know that if you pat a dog on the side of their body it releases pheromones that create a feeling of happiness. As a support animal holding and loving a pet while in a state of stress brings a similar response to the human. What an important role these support animals play in the lives of those who need that little extra stress relief without having to take a pill. A dog serves so many important roles in the lives of its humans. Companion, support, friend, all in one nice tidy mini goldendoodle package. Congratulations Milo we are so happy for you and your new family.

If you or someone you know is in need of the great things only a dog can offer, Please send them our way. We love to help our four legged friends live the best life ever.

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