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Is a Mini Doodle easy to Train

Updated: Feb 5

Is a mini doodle puppy easy to train? I think the answer to that question is it depends on the person teaching the dog. Here at doodle 4 love we raise mini doodles, they are considered hybrid dogs. We hear back from our puppy families that our puppies are easy to train.

Ground work for traing a Mini Doodle Puppy

There are a few very important stages to training your new mini doodle puppy. Before you bring your new puppy home you want to baby proof your house. Have a small kennel ready to start training. This includes both potty training and kennel training as they go hand in hand. Successfull potty training starts with sucessfull kennel training. We have started each puppy on both potty and kennel however when they get to your house they will need to know what you expect from them.

The kennel is key for Mini Doodle

Bring a kennel with you to pick your new puppy up. Allow puppy to travel in the kennel next to you or someone sitting near. At home put the kennel in the middle of the room and open the door. Allow puppy to play in and around the kennel with door open. Place toys or treats inside the kennel so puppy will go in and explore. It is recommended that you keep the kennel beside you so the puppy knows you are near. All puppies will hoot and holler and make you think you are torturing them while in the kennel, dont give in or give up. The first few nights are the ruffest and if possible put the kennel on the night stand next to your bed so puppy can be near. Dont take puppy out of kennel just because he is howling speak soothing to him and allow him to settle. If he does not settle take him out to potty and immedialty back in the kennel. This is a new baby just away from his litter mates be gentle, be consistant. If puppy is not at your side they need to be in the kennel.

Potty training your Mini Doodle Puppy

Always take mini doodle puppy out to potty before putting them in the kennel.

Pick the puppy up and set the puppy down when you are outside. Remember Do Not let the puppy follow out as he will pee along the way. Puppies can hold there bladder 1 hr for every month old. Lets say you bring a puppy home at 2 months, they need to go outside every 3hrs to pee. As you are setting them down say GO Potty(puppys name). When you see them potty tell them Good Potty (puppy name), Every time! You can give them a small treat or just extra love just be consistant. It does not good to rub their nose or get angry if they potty in the house scoop them up take them to the potty spot and repeat your phrases. They really do catch on pretty quickly. I have puppy owners who put a bell by the exit door and as they are leaving to potty they rub puppies foot to ring bell and say "Out". Marker words are important as well as calling puppy by his name. Be consistance take puppy out every 3hrs to begin with and them extend time as they get older.

Advanced Training a Mini Doodle

Once you have mastered the kennel and potty training you are ready to go on to new and exciting things for your new puppy. Such as teaching them how to walk on a leash or stay at your side for off leash training. Our friends at have a comprehensive guide to loose leash training.

mini goldendoodle leash trains
mini goldendoodle leash trains
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