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How to Acclimate Mini Sheepadoodles to Horses on your Ranch

Updated: Feb 23

Mini sheepadoodle puppies love to play among the horses.

Are you looking for a puppy that is comfortable around large animals? Do you have large animals and worry a new puppy will panic and hurt themselves or cause the horses to get hurt?

To acclimate puppies to large animals we begin at a young age. We start this process at around 6wks of age and continue throughout their life. The horses don't care due to the fact the puppies are not bothering them or chasing them.

We have played with our current litter of mini sheepadoodle puppies in the middle of the horses daily to acclimate them to large animals. We have heard from so many people that it is important to them for a new puppy to arrive acclimated. After all animal lovers often have horses and dogs.

The mini sheepadoodle is an easy going pup that just wants to be beside their human. We find this combination to be a winner. These small pups learn to be courageous around large animals and don't even notice them. Pups do find fresh and old horse droppings so there is that. Wash them off before they come inside and you won't even notice.

To see our current available mini sheepadoodle puppies ready for the great outdoors of your home ck on link. See fun sheepadoodle puppy videos on you-tube

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