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Cavapoo Doodles are A Family Favorite

Updated: Feb 9

Cavapoo doodle puppies are fast becoming the doodle of choice for family's across America.

Family favorite is a Cavapoo

Cavapoo doodle puppies are happy go lucky and have a mellow nature making them a family favorite. Our litter of Cavapoo puppies are to cute for words. They are currently ready for homing. They each carry the traditional Tri-color markings you see in a King Charles Cavalier with the low to no shed aspects of the Poodle. Puppies are considered hypoallergenic, however if you have allergy issues contact us for a T-shirt test.These puppies will come in under 20lbs on average, will have wavy coats, fully age specific immunization, micro-chip, sound and social acclimation.

Miss Guin our moyen size pure breed black phantom poodle is the best mom. She is so attentive to her babies. What I love about her is she is so laid back, just a chill out girl. She passes these great personality traits onto her puppies. Our Stud boy Mr Cavalier is also just about the sweetest fella you ever want to meet. The combination makes for easy going mild mannered Cavapoo puppies. Remember all our Sires and Dams are health tested before breeding to achieve healthy offspring. After all we are working hard to bring you your next best friend. this is the latest video on You-tube.

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