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Adorable Puppies Learning to Eat

Adorable puppies Start on Food

The first puppy to stick her noses in is dark blue collar female mini sheepadoodle. She sticks her nose in once and then walks away but soon decides to come back around to it. On the second try she starts lapping up the water in the bowl. These adorable puppies won't be fully weened for another 4 to 5 weeks but this gets them on track to copy mama and begin the journey to eating solids. We are taking deposits for these mini sheepadoodle puppies. They are charted to be 30-40lbs, as this is Cherrys first litter and first mating with this stud we are estimating only. We always have some mini doodles who are over achievers and those who are under our scale. It is our hope that you love them which ever end of the scale they fall.

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