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All About Doodles4love in Twin Falls  Idaho

Welcome to Doodles4Love, the home of cuddly, affable, and adoring Mini Doodle puppies. We are a niche breeder, specializing in Mini Goldendoodles, Mini Sheepadoodles, Mini Bernedoodles, and Mini Cavapoos. Our passion for breeding puppies was kindled by a vision to provide families with their vibrant, playful, wholesome companions. At Doodles4Love, our puppies are bred with an abundance of love and meticulous care. Our breeding process is not just about multiplying numbers, but about ensuring the well-being of our puppies. We are steadfast in obeying responsible breeding practices. This also includes comprehensive health screening processes before offering them for adoption. Simply put, we don't just breed puppies – we create fluffy bundles of joy. Our mission goes beyond adoption. We provide lifelong support to ensure our puppies and their families have a rewarding bond that lasts. In essence, we breed puppies; nonetheless, we raise a community of Mini Doodle lovers. There are dog breeders aplenty, but at Doodles4Love, we promise a difference. Our commitment to quality, a considerate breeding process, and a lifelong partnership make us a cherished choice for Mini Doodle lovers.


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"We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect puppy for our family.  If I had to describe Charlie in one word it would be cuddle bug ( ok two words). We love him to pieces and is just what we needed with our current family issues¸ Constantly cuddling with my husband.  Thanks Doodles4love.


"He really is adjusting well. I dont know if this is normal for you but if the 6 puppies I have trained in the past, none have picked it up as quick as Chester. He has had no accidents and is asking by going to the door and barking to be let out. He really is the works' greatest dog!!! We love our doodles4love puppy!"


"Doodles4love did a great job with Hailey as a puppy. She is such a GREAT dog. I hope this gives you a lot of satisfaction. You bring amazing dogs into this world that make a REAL difference in people’s lives. Thank You Amy❤️



Here at Doodles4love we feel it is important that are puppies go to good homes and as such are Sold as Pet Only! It is our way of being a responsible dog breeder.

Our Mini doodle puppies  are vet health checked and come with a 2yr health  guarantee, micro chipped, can be CKC registered, utd on age appropriate vaccines and worming, dew-claws removed. Well socialized from a young age. Puppies are started on crate and potty training. Puppy Culture and ENS are started at an early age for advanced maturity and stronger immune system. Our pups are better equipped to adapt to new and different environments. They are socialized around animals and young children as soon as their eyes open. 

Most of our mini doodles will average 20- 35lbs and our micro  F1bs will come in under 25lbs, estimate only, genetics can be fickle. Coats will be wavy to curly, low to minimal shed, requiring weekly combing and grooming every few months.


We try to accurately describe and assess each puppy, their future weights and personalities. 

If your puppy ends up being larger or smaller than our averages it is our hope you will love them just the same.

 It can be expensive to purchase a puppy as well as care for a puppy. Keep this in mind as you are searching for a new pet.

Things to look for when deciding on a breed or a doodle puppy breeder:

History and experience can give you a good idea if you are purchasing from a responsible dog breeder.

Always look for or ask for references or read their reviews. Has the dam and sire had genetic health testing to assure  healthy offspring. We hear sad stories from families who who got a "good deal" on a puppy only to have health problems that could have been avoided if they had gone with a responsible dog breeder.



We are located in Idaho, shipping is available for an additional fee. 

To see prior puppies follow us on Instagram @doodles4love or Facebook                

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