Mini Dog! Poodle Studs

Todd Mini Dog Poodle

 Bred to Sammie our English Cream in Sept  2019.

Weighing in at 10lbs he is a toy poodle.  Red curly hair with bright White markings and boxy face give his puppies a teddy bear look.  Todd is the perfect toy poodle,  Lovable calm and just darn cute. He has his health testing done with a clean bill of health.


4lb Toy Poodle Stud boy.

He has been cleared of all health and genetics. 

He lives with his family in Santa Clara Utah.

More details soon

Max - Standard Poodle with Parti Factor

Max is a one year old Standard Poodle with a heart of gold. Like many Standard Poodles, Max is a lovable goofball. He is an active chap, and loves running and agility training. Max loves meeting new dogs, but he especially loves puppies. Here at Doodles4love Max is a sort of Nanny-dog to all of our older puppies. Its a job he volunteers for, and loves every second of. 

Max has both the Black and White Parti factor and the Brown and White Parti factor. He had his Genetic Testing and his Optimal Selection Testing done and passed with flying colors. His nose is more boxy. 

doodles4love does not have any Max planned litters

to see more from Max ck out

 Doodles of Twin Falls, ID, USA


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