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What Makes Sheepadoodle Puppies Unique?

Small-Operation Sheepadoodle Breeder Explains

Our Mini Sheepadoodle puppies are 1 month old! This is the age when puppies start becoming more active, and they start getting their adorable fluffy coat!

Micro Sheepadoodle Litter

On our Instagram and our Youtube channels, we post videos of when they have their first taste of solid food, along with documenting the way they go from little lazy slugs to active, bouncy balls of joy. It happens quickly, usually over a two-week period!

Now, we are not only a Mini Sheepadoodle breeder. We also breed Mini Bernedoodles and Mini Goldendoodles! Stay tuned for a post coming soon about how we keep all our breeding mama’s happy and healthy. Many of our mamas live in Guardian homes to have more attention and love, which they completely deserve. Anyway, We breed several types of doodles. There are many more types of doodles out there as well that we don’t breed! All of these doodles have much in common, but it’s their differences that will help you as the buyer decide which breed will fit what you are looking for in a pet.

A unique doodle breed is the Sheepadoodle! A cross between an Old English Sheepdog and a Poodle, it’s not only the fun colors that set this breed apart. Here are three fun traits of the Sheepadoodle!

1. Temperament - Vivacious and a great sense of Humor

Mini Sheepadoodle feeling playful with toy in her mouth
Mini Sheepadoodle Miss Mini

To start with, Mini Sheepadoodles are funny! They come by it honestly. Both the Old English Sheepdog and the Poodle are breeds known to enjoy a good joke. Seriously! Cherry, our Old English Mama, loves to tease. One of her favorite jokes that she often pulls is when we play fetch, she pretends she can’t find the ball when it’s thrown. But as soon as you give up and go to retrieve the ball, she swoops in and grabs it in her mouth before you reach it. It’s a joke she never gets tired of.

Poodles are also quite silly. Far from being the aloof snobs from popular culture, Poodles are friendly and want everyone to be laughing. At the dog park, our Toy Poodle boys are the ones zooming around the park, enticing all the other dogs into a rousing game of tag. And, if they’re fast enough and can hide behind a tree or park bench without getting caught, they enjoy jumping out and scaring the dogs they convinced to play tag with them.

Sheepadoodles like making you laugh and often have a smile on their little doggie face.

2. Waterproof?