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What is fun about a Mini Sheepadoodle

A mini sheepadoodle is a fun silly dog that is a cross between an old english sheepdog and a poodle. We like to bred the mini sheepadoodle puppies that will average 25-35lbs at adulthood. This size puppy seems to be a great mid point and size down from the Old English sheepdog who can weigh as much as 100 plus pounds at adulthood.

We are able to get this size down with A.I. breeding using a 100lb mama and a 10lb poodle boy. We love the mini sheepadoodle in size and personality. They always have a smile on their face and a welcome greeting for those they meet. A mini sheepadoodle loves to be at your side and is smart an loyal.

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mini sheepadoodles cute personalitly

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