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What is a Mini Sheepadoodle Puppy and why do we love them?

Updated: Feb 7

A mini sheepadoodle puppy is a cross between an Old english Sheepdog and a miniature poodle. The benefits of this pairing is for longevity in the breed and better health. The other benefit is that you get the wonderful characteristics of the sheepdog in a much more manageable size. Our OES mama is 90lbs and we use a 10lbs miniature poodle to get an average of pups in the 35-45lbs at adulthood size. As society is aging and young people are living in smaller spaces it only makes sense to have to care for a smaller dog. An other advantage of the smaller breed is that it doest take as long to get to maturity. The OES doesnt fully mature until about 2 to 3 yrs of age. The mini sheepadoodle will mature at 1yr. The benefit of this is having a much smaller dog to work with and train at an easier to manage time frame.

The Old English Sheepdog is a herding animal by trait. They are like the social directors in that they need to be sure everyone is in their place within the household.

It takes a gentle reminder to let them know you have things under control and that you are the leader. It can be normal for a sheepdog to nip. If your pup gets in the habit of nipping it can easily be redirected. We use the clicker training method with our animals to build positive behavior and the mini sheepadoodle responds so well.

The Mini Sheepadoodle is an intelligent pet that needs both mental and physical stimulation. We have many mini sheepadoodle puppies that live with families in apartments or have a small yard.

Mini Sheepadoodle Puppy Darling are Ready for You

We currently have one male mini sheepadoodle puppy available for homing After May 4 2021. He is everything we love about the sheepdog and his sweet personality makes him the best of the breed mix.

Portland Maine is the home for this mini sheepadoodle
Portland Maine is the home for this mini sheepadoodle

We are located in Twin Falls Idaho and offer travel nanny recommendations to get your puppy to you safely.

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