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  • Neesa Loughmiller

We're having Doodle Puppies This Fall!

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

As we've talked about before, there are many types of popular Doodles. Here at Doodles4love, one of our goals is to make sure that families looking for low-shedding puppies find the right Doodle puppy for their home. Everyone's needs are a little different, so we breed a few types of Mini Doodle puppies. This fall we will be having a nice range of options!

F1 Mini-Bernedoodles - Confirmed!

Stella (mama) top left, and three of her mini-bernedoodle puppies

Parents: Stella- Titan

Estimated due date: September 3 Ready to go home: Nov 1

30 - 45 lbs as adults



F1 Mini-Goldendoodles -

Teddybear f1 mini goldendoodle puppy

Parents: Sammy - Goose

Estimated due date:Nov 6 Ready to go home: Jan 6

Around 35-45 lbs as adults

English Cream Teddy Bear

F1b Mini Bernedoodle Puppies - Projected

Mini-Bernedoodle Puppies looking out a doggie door

Parents: Paisley -

Estimated due date: September 27 Ready to go home: November 22

15-20 lbs as adults

Tri-colors and Merles

F1 Mini-Sheepadoodles - Projected

Mini Sheepadoodle puppies enjoying summer

Parents: Cherry-Todd