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We're having Doodle Puppies This Fall!

Updated: Feb 5

As we've talked about before, there are many types of popular Doodles. Here at Doodles4love, one of our goals is to make sure that families looking for low-shedding puppies find the right Doodle puppy for their home. Everyone's needs are a little different, so we breed a few types of Mini Doodle puppies. This fall we will be having a nice range of options!

F1 Mini-Bernedoodles - Confirmed!

its doodle puppy magic
Stella (mama) top left, and three of her mini-bernedoodle puppies

Parents: Stella- Titan

Estimated due date: September 3 Ready to go home: Nov 1

30 - 45 lbs as adults



F1 Mini-Goldendoodles -

eddybear f1 mini goldendoodle puppy
Teddybear f1 mini goldendoodle puppy

Parents: Sammy - Goose

Estimated due date:Nov 6 Ready to go home: Jan 6

Around 35-45 lbs as adults

English Cream Teddy Bear

F1b Mini Bernedoodle Puppies - Projected

Mini-Bernedoodle Puppies looking out a doggie door
Mini-Bernedoodle Puppies looking out a doggie door

Parents: Paisley -

Estimated due date: September 27 Ready to go home: November 22

15-20 lbs as adults

Tri-colors and Merles

F1 Mini-Sheepadoodles - Projected

Mini Sheepadoodle puppies enjoying summer
Mini Sheepadoodle puppies enjoying summer

Parents: Cherry-Todd

Estimated due date: October 23 Ready to go home: December 19

30- 45 lbs as adults

Parti colors and cream colors

Check out our available puppies page to see what litters have room on the waiting list and to place a deposit!

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