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The Amazing Sheepadoodle Puppies for Sale

Mini Sheepadoodle puppies for sale! 

Are you looking for those sheepadoodle puppies for sale? Our Cherry girl has had a bit of trouble getting pregnant with mini sheepadoodle puppies.  It can happen that your female is infertile or has fertility problems. We are keeping a close watch on Cherry to let nature work out.  In the mean time she has a veterinary appointment to do a scan of her overies and see if there is a problem. Fingers crossed that we can get on path with our mini sheepadoodle puppies

OES Mama to Hypoallergenic Dogs
OES Mama to Hypoallergenic Dogs

WE finally got Miss Cherry figured out and she has been able to have mini sheepadoodle puppies. Cherry loves all puppies and if she doesn't have a litter of her own she is in the middle of the other mamas babies when they will let her. Ck out this cute mama as she watch's her babies grow.

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