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Soon mini teddy bear doodle puppies for sale

We will soon have a litter of mini teddy bear doodle puppies for sale. We are waiting for our new litter of mini goldendoodle puppies to arrive here at the mini doodles 4 love family farm

 Our standard size goldendoodle Molly  was bred to our favorite stud boy Rex. He is a red toy poodle that weighs in at 6lbs.  Their past litters have produced mini goldendoodle that range in size from 13lbs to 25lbs.  They have been measured at 13 to 15" at the shoulder. Our family's that have homed these last litters of mini goldendoodle puppies are reporting in on their behavior.  

California family in love with  Mini Golden-doodle

" He’s amazing!!! So lovable, smart, funny, cute, energetic/playful" reported one of our California mini goldendoodle families.

"Roady is so smart! He can also sit and shake!!!  Oh and rings the bell for “outside potty”

Lovin’ our boy!!! 🤗"

These are the same reports we are getting from each of our mini goldendoodle puppy families.  We are hearing that the mini golden-doodle puppy is smart and easy to train. They make great family pets and in fact we sell them as pet only to our wonderful families.  As breeders of mini doodle puppies we take great pride in hearing good reports back from our families

We have worked hard here at the family farm to create an environment of love for all of our mama dogs.  These girls are part of our family. At any time of day you can see one or all of our mama dogs in the house, in the car, beside us in what ever we are doing.  

The Best Mini Goldendoodle Puppies start with the Happiest Mama's 

mini goldendoodle
Happy Mama

We will keep you posted when our f1b red mini doodle litter arrives. Follow us on FB and Instagram

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