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Should I get a Doodle Puppy for Christmas? Find Out!

Updated: Feb 19

We have English cream mini golden doodle puppy ready for Christmas. The better question is: when is the best time to bring a puppy home for Christmas?

Bringing home a new doodle puppy is so fun and it brings so much joy into the lives of family members. Puppy has to adjust to its new family and the family has to do some adjusting as well. Puppies require lots of time and constancy to get settled in correctly. When you allow the time and attention those first fews days or few weeks of bringing home a puppy you will have laid successful ground work in the settling in process of a new family member. Here is a great article from Revival Animal Health on starting traditions.

What do you need to do to settle in your mini golden doodle puppy?

Doodle Puppy need an area in your home near you but out of the traffic flow. They do better to be as close to you as possible. A play pin or dog gate is a safe and effective way to have puppy near. Inside the play area you will need a medium kennel at least for our mini goldendoodle puppies you will start out with a medium that can be made smaller or larger as they grow. You will want pee pads or a surface that you can clean up easily. A small bowl of water and food is also in the play area and a few toys for pup to chew on and play with. Chewy has lots of options for play pens.

A mini golden doodle puppy from will arrive with a good start on potty training. They have been introduced to pee pads as well as a dog door. At your home they need to know your system, this requires you to take puppy out to the same spot every time to potty. You will do this right as puppy is waking up as they will potty at that time. After setting them in that same spot praise them with "Good Potty". They will catch on very quickly if you are consistent. Here is a link to an awesome potty /kennel training video.

A doodle puppy at age 8wks will sleep play hard repeat. They will stay awake longer the older they get. It is important to play with them to wear them down for the next round of sleep play repeat. This is also when they are bonding to you as their new human and person they trust to care for them. They require more attention the first few weeks during the building trust faze. Once they are comfortable with you and settle into a routine they are require less one on one attention and can be content to be at your feet or near you. Keeping your puppy safe is the most important, here are some tips.

Wait Until After the Rush of Christmas

My favorite time to get a puppy is after Christmas or once the Christmas craziness has settled down and guest have left or you return home. Our new litter of English Cream mini goldendoodle puppies are ready to come to your home after Dec 31. You can come to our home here in Twin Falls Idaho or we can meet you at the Boise Idaho Airport. We have families from across the country that have flown in to get a puppy from us and travel home with ease. Visit our available puppy page to see which English Cream mini goldendoodle puppy you will bring home for Christmas, or right after.

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