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Sheepadoodle Puppies are the Best

Updated: Feb 5

The mini sheepadoodle are a fun loving puppy full of energy. They are outgoing with medium to high energy. They are a great fit for an active family. It takes about 6month to 1 year for them to mature and settle in. You must be firm and consistent with training so they know and respect you as the dominate. I highly recommend taking puppies through puppy obedience training to help them as well as you to learn the ropes.

London the mini sheepadoodle

What to Expect with a Herding Dog

The mini sheepadoodle is a herding animal and as such likes to direct traffic so to speak. They get this herding from their mamas the Old English Sheepdog. They have been bred for herding the sheep and moving them around the field and back into the corrals. A well trained herding dog is fun to watch.

They can have a tendency to nip at your heals, training is often required to help them develop a more productive use of the nip. I like to put a chew toy in their mouth to give them another option and not let them nip at feet. Don't despair if you don't live on a farm or don't have sheep to herd to keep your mini sheepadoodle busy or to nip at. They can be kept busy playing catch or long walks.

What Size will My Mini Sheepadoodle Get

Miss Cherry our OES has had puppies that are averaging 20-40 lbs at adulthood. The first 6 months will be the fastest growth rate and will slow down after that point. By the time they reach 1yr old they will be 95% grown. The Old English is big barreled, thick body. The toy poodle is 10lbs with a small body structure. Genetically you can expect a combination of both. In a mix breed / hyrid expect a healthy vigor.

What to Expect with a Mini Sheepadoodle Coat

They are considered hypoallergenic with low shed wavy coats. You can keep them cropped in a puppy cut or let them grow out with a soft wavy. For a long coat you will need to use a mate free curry comb at least 3 to 4 per week. A long coat requires more work but very cute. I keep them trimmed up across the eyes and nose.

rosie the mini sheepadoodle

They are fun loving playful pet that are loyal to their families. They want to be next to their humans and be able to guard the home parameters. The reward is all worth it if you put in the time the first year you will have an amazing mini sheepadoodle and favorite family pet.

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