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Personality of a Mini Sheepadoodle Puppy

What is it we love about the mini sheepadoodle puppy? To know what the mini sheepadoodle's personality will be we first look to the Old English Sheepdog. Our OES is our mama dog Cherry and we love to brag about her. The OES is a calm tempered and intelligent dog. They boast a friendly nature which makes them popular with families.

Im so cute
mini sheepadoodle puppy

Mad Skills of Mini Sheepadoodle Puppies

At 3wks old our mini sheepadoodle puppies began to potty train and to eat solids. They figured out very quickly where to go potty and continued to improve as they have grown. Our 6wk old mini sheepadoodle puppy can best be described as intelligent. We have watched in amazement at how quickly they pick up on things. I laugh at these tiny puppies as I open their kennel and they waddle out to potty outside the main kennel building. It did not take them long to figure out the dog door inside their kennel and start using it. They quickly learned where the food bowl was and have done well with eating solids.

Temperament of a Mini Sheepadoodle Puppy

If we could describe them best it would be mild mannered easy going puppies. The are highly intelligent and love everyone with there friendly nature. We can certainly add our mark of approval for our mini sheepadoodle puppies to be a favorite breed for a family. We love the loyalty that we get from our OES and expect that to carry over to our puppies. An intelligent dog needs to be challenged mentally with toys and training. If left to their own they will become discontent and create mischief. You as a new puppy owner need to be aware of your responsibility to play with and train your pet. The first year of any puppy is the most critical, if you do your part you will have the most amazing family pet ever.

Im a hypoallergenic mini sheepadoodle
Im a hypoallergenic mini sheepadoodle

Coat of a Mini Sheepadoodle Puppy

When you combine a non shedding poodle to a non shedding sheepdog you get a non-shedding mini sheepadoodle puppy. It is commonly the dander that create the allergens in your dog and with the mini sheepadoodle puppies they have human like hair that does not carry the dander of a shedding pet. Their coats require a moderate amount of combing and grooming . If you leave their coats long you will need to comb them weekly. These puppies are true hypoallergenic non shedding and a great pick for homes with pet allergy concerns

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