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Miniature Bernadoodle puppy for sale Idaho

We are excited to announce to announce the breeding of miniature bernadoodle puppy for sale in Idaho soon. Miss Stella will have a litter of miniature bernadoodle puppies also know by the name of f1 mini bernedoodle puppies. There is no difference in the breed of a bernadoodle puppy or a bernedoodle puppy, it is all in the spelling of the name.

The miniature bernadoodle is a mix of the Bernese Mountain Dog and a poodle. We use the toy poodle as our preference for sizing down the breed. We take the size/weight of the Bernese Mountain dog and the size/weight of the toy poodle to come up with our averages for puppies. so far we have been pretty accurate in saying that these puppies will average 35-45lbs at adulthood.

Stella and Titan To Create Miniature Bernadoodle puppies
Stella and Titan To Create Miniature Bernadoodle puppies

Titan the stud poodle boy that we used for this pairing is world famous. He is from a famous line of poodles that start in a Disney film. He is basically a miniature in color and markings to Stella and as such we expect to get those familiar traditional markings on our puppies. This litter will also produce some flat coated puppies which will look like a smaller version of the Bernese mountain dog without the doodle wavy hair or mustache nose. Genetics are a fickle thing so we will have to wait to see exactly what this pairing will bring. We will know on Aug 9 if Miss Stella breed up for a litter of miniature bernedoodle puppies to arrive Sept 3.

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