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Mini Sheepadoodle Puppies Play Inside

Updated: Feb 5

come on mini sheepadoodle

I have the micro sheepadoodle puppies inside today to work on eating and weening.

The weening process can be a difficult one for our micro mini sheepadoodle puppies for sale here on our family farm. Both the mama dog and the puppies have to be on the same page. In this video we see the puppies are reminded that they do in-fact know how to eat .

Mama will usually start the weening process once puppies are about 4 wks old. She will show them how to eat out of the food bowl that I put in for the puppies. She will continue to supplement them until about week 8 if given the chance to nurse them that long. The smaller the puppies the longer I let mama stay with the nursing process as it gives these tiny miniature sheepadoodle puppies time to grow before they go to their furever home.

Puppies in general will try to copy what mama is doing so it is fairly easy to get them hooked on food. The mini sheepadoodle puppies as with all our mini doodle puppies for sale start to panic at week 6 because they notice that mama has shifted to a new routine and they are not to happy with this shift. It passes within a few days as pups realize they are just fine and have all the food they want.

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