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Mini Sheepadoodle Puppies Have Arrived

Updated: Feb 5

Mini sheepadoodle puppies have arrived. We love our mini sheepadoodle puppies for so many reasons. Hypoallergenic mini sheepadoodle puppies are a favorite for families with pet allergies. The old english sheepdog is considered a hypoallergenic breed as well as the poodle sire. These mini sheepadoodle puppies for sale in Idaho will carry 2x the hypoallergenic genes as our other mini doodle puppies. Grooming the mini sheepadoodle is easy if you keep up with raking through it or keeping it cut short.

Am I Allergic to a Mini Sheepadoodle Puppy?

You will be less likely to have an allergy to the mini sheepadoodle puppy coat. WE offer a t-shirt test on all our mini doodle puppies. You send us one of your t-shirts and we will rub mini sheepadoodle or mini doodle puppy down with it and return it to you. You then put the shirt on and see if you react in your usual way. Everyone has a different response to pet dander or allergens from hives to sneezing. Either way it will give you the opportunity to see how you react.

How do I Groom my Mini Sheepadoodle Puppy

We recommend a rake used weekly to keep the undercoat and potential tangles out of the mini sheepadoodle puppies coat. The rake is used in gentle stokes that lightly pull the undercoat or tangles out without the need for aggressive combing.

Another option is to keep mini sheepadoodle puppy in a puppy cut. This is a term used by groomers to identify a short cut similar to what a mini sheepadoodle puppy could were any time or age. We like to keep them long in the winter and clipped short in the summer. Between grooming appointments you can take a pair of scissors and trim at eyes on bridge of nose. Use the thinning sheers to take some

of the bulk out of the nose hair or top of head if needed. It really is simple to to, however I recommend having a helper anytime you are trimming around the eyes. Have helper hold the nose so you can trim without mini sheepadoodle puppy moving.

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