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What to Expect with a Mini Goldendoodle Puppy

This is Bear the mini goldendoodle puppy. He is the last of his litter to be homed. He is a mellow guy that comes and sits beside you to be loved on. His personality is like his mom Sammie my golden retriever very chill and happy to be beside his person.

What to expect with the Mini Goldendoodle Puppy

mini goldendoodle for sale in Idaho
mini goldendoodle for sale in Idaho

Mini goldendoodles from doodles 4 love are mild mannered, easy to train and very social. We hear back from our puppy familes that they adapt quickly and easily to what ever is ask of them. We have a history with our puppies that allows us to get a good idea of what these mini goldendoodle will be as family pets and in your homes. So far we hear great things from all the Sammie puppies new families.

tv time for mini goldendoodle puppy
mini goldendoodle tv time

To find out more about this male mini goldendoodle puppy visit our available puppy page or email us.

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