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Mini Doodle Puppy Breeder idaho

Welcome to your puppy breeder Idaho based family.

We are a mini doodle puppy breeder Idaho. We breed mini goldendoodles, mini bernedoodles, mini sheepadoodles, and toy goldendoodles.  Each of our mama dogs has been health tested and temperment tested. We take it one step futher and when our mini doodles are born we use ENS. This is a program the military use for thier canine program to create mild mannered, adatable puppies.

  As a Mini Doodle puppy breeder idaho we take great pride in our animals

Our Family farm! Mini doodle breeders Idaho
Welcome to our family farm

We pride ourselves in raising healthy happy puppy and mama dogs. We are always on the look out for a new technique such as the Puppy Culture system and when we find one we like we add it. We love the socializing that comes from our many grandchildren and neighborhood friends. It is rewarding to see the puppies get such good attention before they leave our family farm to come to your family home. Since we started breeding dogs we have had many of our children add puppies to their homes. Our family really is a dog loving group of people.

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