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You've Got to See the Mini Dogs Just Born

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Sheepadoodle mini dogs just born here at doodles4love in Twin Falls Idaho, USA. We are so excited for our mini sheepadoodle adorable puppies. They were born June 7 2019. We are taking deposits now to hold your cute puppy until he is ready for your home.

Mini sheepadoodle newborn puppies
newborn sheepadoodles

These adorable newborn mini sheepadoodle puppies are fat and healthy. They weigh about 11 oz at birth and will average 25-35lbs at adulthood. Most of this litter has black and white marking traditional to the Old English Sheepdog. The mini sheepadoodle puppies will have wavy hair much like the mama Miss Cherry. It is a fun fact that the sheepdog is hypoallergenic and so the F1 is also hypoallergenic. This is a good bred for people who have pet allergies and worry about dander. The mini sheepadoodle has more human like hair and sheds in the same way as a human. Brush it out weekly to catch the tangles and keep it looking its best.

Another way to manage the coat of a mini sheepadoodle is to have them groomed regularly. You can do this easily enough or send them to town for a professional grooming. Be sure to ask for a puppy cute to keep them looking cute and like a doodle. Im not a fan of the poodle hair cut so I always groom them to have a fuller face. In between cuts you can trim around puppies eyes to keep those beautiful eyes visible

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