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Hypoallergenic Puppy to Hybrid Dog

Are you looking for a hybrid dog or hypoallergenic puppy? We have just what you need to have the puppy you have always wanted and not worry about the allergies attached to having an inside dog. Our hypoallergenic puppy is a mini sheepadoodle. This hybrid dog is the perfect mix of an old english sheepdog and a poodle that are both naturally hypoallergenic. It is as if you are getting the best of both dogs.

We Raise Hypoallergenic Puppy to Hybrid Dog

hybird dog and hypoallergenic puppy
Meet our hybird dog and hypoallergenic puppy

Our mini goldendoodle is a hybrid dog with minimal shedding and wavy coat. We have families report allergy concerns of pets have not been a problem with our hybrid dog. Even though our mini goldendoodle puppies are not a true hypoallergenic puppy our families are doing just fine with them.

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