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How to treat burned dog paws in Summer Heat

Updated: Feb 19

Hot pavement and other surfaces can burn your dog’s paws. If you think your dog has burned paw pads, follow these first aid steps on how to treat your paw burns. Written by Kaitlyn Arford — Medically reviewed by Dr. Erica Irish Updated June 22, 2023

The Essentials of How to Treat burned paws

  • If your pooch has paw pad burns, talk to your vet — Your veterinarian can determine the severity of your dog’s paw pad burns and what kind of treatment is needed.

  • Do your best to prevent paw pad burns — Check your dog’s paw pads frequently for signs of blisters, burns, and abrasions. Your pup’s paws are indicators of their overall health, so protecting your pup’s paws also protects their health.

  • Use paw balms to treat, heal, and protect paw pads — Natural Dog Company, QualityPet, and Musher’s Secret all make great stuff.

Such a great article on how to treat burned dog paws. Go read it, the full article can be found at our friends at Better Pet

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