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How to Feed a Micro Mini Sheepadoodle Puppy

How much to feed a micro mini sheepadoodle puppy? It is a common question that we get often here at Doodles4love. We will break it down for you along with some feeding ideas. Before your new puppy comes home you will want to have an idea what they are currently eating. We send a small bag of our puppy kibble with each mini doodle pup. You can easily continue with the food they are on or use the food we send to mix in with a high quality puppy food that you are switching them to.

How much they eat will depend on their size.

As an example our f1b mini sheepadoodle puppies for sale at our home are on the tiny side. They will eat less than a tablespoon of kibble at 6 weeks old and increase in volume as they grow. Our puppies have been started on wet food, however by 8 weeks of age they are eating a dry wet mixture.

mini sheepadoodle puppies for sale ohio
mini sheepadoodle puppies for sale Idaho

Mini sheepadoodle puppies near me in the morning at feed time love to climb in the food bowl. Because I am feeding the whole litter of puppies those first to the bowl get any extra treats that I might add to their food. When they are learning to eat I add mashed pumpkin as a sweet treat to entice them to discover what I brought them. The f1 miniature sheepadoodle puppies near me will notice that I added small amounts of mana also known as milk replacement. This helps them in the weening process by keeping their calorie count high.

Once a puppy is fully weened and ready to come home with you you will continue to feed them a high quality puppy food for the first year. We like to feed Loyal Life by Nutrina to our mini doodle puppies. It is a quality food that comes dry and you can add water to turn it to a mush if you want a wet food. Always follow the manufactures feeding suggestions on the side or bag of the bag as a rule of thumb. There are many dog foods on the market that you can choice from. Your veterinarian may have a food suggestion or you can research your self. Or check out for a variety of puppy food that can ship to your door.

f1b mini sheepadoodle puppies for sale
Hanging out with a Micro Mini Sheepadoodle

We currently have a litter of Micro Mini sheepadoodle puppies for sale. They are ready for homes after July 30 2021. This litter has micros and minis and will range in size from 15lbs to 25lbs at adulthood. To see fun videos on this litter visit and subscribe to

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