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How Much Exercise Does Your Doodle Need?

Updated: Feb 5

Here at Doodles4love, we talk a lot about the importance of keeping your Doodle active. Here in Idaho, we love to take our mama dogs hiking and swimming. Especially for Freckles, the Mini-Goldendoodle, and Sammie, the English Cream Golden Retriever, jumping in the river to swim is a great way to have some fun this summer.

Making sure your doodle has regular exercise has many benefits, some you might not even realize! We'll explain some of the great ways it benefits you and your Doodle to stay active, and then we'll offer some alternatives to going on walks.

miss London doodle
London the Mini-Sheepadoodle out on a walk


  1. Your dog will sleep better.

  2. They'll be less inclined to get up to destructive behavior

  3. They won't demand all of your attention

  4. exercise can prevent medical issues like arthritis

  5. you and your dog form a stronger bond

Now, why would exercise help with behavior issues with your dog? It doesn't replace quality training, of course, but if your dog is sitting around all day with nothing to do, there's a good chance that they are bored!

Boredom in dogs is a common issue and can lead your well-mannered Doodle to start doing things like digging, barking, and tearing up items around the home. Taking time daily to work off some of that excess energy can drastically reduce your dog's desire to do these things.

Along with that, taking time regularly to spend time with your dog and do something together strengthens your bond! That is why it is ideal to find an activity that both of you enjoy, so it's a fun part of the day for both of you.

doodles and poodles on a hike
Goldendoodles and Poodles out on a hike near Boise, Idaho

How much exercise is enough?

It's not a one-size-fits-all answer. Just like humans, some dogs need more exercise than others. It also depends on the type of exercise you two are engaging in. If your dog is playing fetch and sprinting the whole time, it might not take long for them to be tired. If they're playing fetch and moseying after the ball and taking their time returning it, they won't get tired nearly as quickly.

A good place to start is 30 minutes a day.

Start with 30 minutes, and adjust as needed. Some of the more active breeds need as much as 1.5 to 2 hours of activity a day! Don't be alarmed by those numbers. Here are 2 tricks we use to keep up with some of our more active mama dogs. On the other side, you might find that 30 minutes a day is too strenuous for your dog and might consider shortening the amount of activity daily or alternating the days you two are active.

  1. Break it up into chunks! For us, the sweet spot is 30-45 minutes of activity in the morning and then another 30-45 minutes in the evening.

  2. It doesn't always have to be the same activity; mix it up!

home of the doodle mamas
Playing Fetch with Cherry, Sammie, and Stella

Activity Ideas

  1. a leashed walk

  2. an unleashed walk in a safe leash-free zone - this one is great for dogs who like to smell everything

  3. a trip to the dog park

  4. fetch

  5. tug

  6. agility

  7. hide- and-seek

  8. swimming

  9. hiking

Not every one of these activities will appeal to you or your dog, but knowing a few activities that you can do together will make it easier to be active together. Let us know in the comments of any activities you do with your doodle!

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