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How to Potty Training your Mini Goldendoodle puppy: tips for success!

Updated: Feb 7

There are dozens of methods for potty training your mini doodle puppy. I am in the middle of house breaking my mini golden doodle Freckles so this topic is fresh on my mind.

 Everyone has the best method, newest method. I will just share my experience with Freckles the mini Goldendoodle pup.

What the mini doodle eats must come out

Standard rule is that a dog of any age will want to eliminate between 20 and 60mins after eating or drinking.  The goal of housebreaking is to encourage your dog to prefer  a place to eliminate in the same place and wait until they are in that place.

I have heard people say they start out putting there mini goldendoodle in the flower bed. This is to keep the lawn clean.  I started it with Freckles the mini doodle and she does prefer the flower bed.  

Steps to success for mini doodle potty training

Step 1: give food and water to your mini Goldendoodle puppy at specific times and specific amounts. If food and water is available all day you won’t be able to track the time for elimination. 

Step 2: give your mini goldendoodle puppy from doodles 4 love family farm plenty of time eliminate. Remember its 20-60min after they eat.

Step 3: Reward your goldendoodle puppy every time they eliminate.  I take it one step further and I tell freckles the mini goldendoodle puppy to “go potty” and then wtohen she does I praise her or I give her a treat. 

What are the Signs your Mini goldendoodle needs to Potty

Just observe, watch your goldendoodle puppy and learn his signals. For example, many dogs will sniff the floor or walk in circles when they need to go out. My mini goldendoodle puppy freckles runs into the other room.  Im right behind her to open the door so she can go out.  She is getting better at going to the door to tell me she needs to go out.  I am going to teach her to ring a bell when she needs to go out. 

Potty Training a mini doodle puppy is first step to success 

I am a firm believer that if you take the time to learn and watch your mini Goldendoodle puppy, you can succeed. It take constancy over about 1 week and your mini Goldendoodle puppy will be on there way to being potty trained. Potty training complete frees you up for the fun part of owning a mini goldendoodle puppy, laughing at there silliness.

Your mini goldendoodle puppy will hold there bladder


mini goldendoodle puppy
Roady the mini goldendoodle

You can expect that a mini goldendoodle puppy will be able to hold there bladder for one hr for every month old plus 1. A 3month old mini goldendoodle puppy can hold their bladder for 4hrs max.  Some puppies do better than others.

Keep this in mind when crate training so that you don’t stress your mini goldendoodle puppy.

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