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Everyone thinks my Mini Goldendoodle Puppie is so cute


mini goldendoodle puppy
mini goldendoodle puppy

​Should I consider breeding my mini goldendoodle? 

There is a little more involved that just having a really cute mini golden doodle puppie. When you first take your puppy home and the first 1yr in fact you may have people tell you how cute she is and that you should breed her.  

Breeding the best Mini Goldendoodle

F1b is from a goldendoodle that has been breed to a poodle. You have the mom (f1) goldendoodle breed to the poodle to create 1 step away from the goldendoodle  = f1b. These puppies are amazing family pets. They are cute and smart and gain lots of followers and attention. From a breeding standpoint they are in my opinion not the generation to breed. You need indepth genetic testing both on the male and female before you consider breeding and to whom you will breed.  The perfect doodle will have a specific doodle look, eyebrows and muzzle stash. These are genetically produced because you took the time to find out the coat type, wavy or curly, colors, and health of both male and female.  This testing is easy but does come at a price.  There are companies that offer coupons for testing and are more than happy to guide you in the process of what to test for for the look you are trying to breed for.

What Age is best for Breeding a Mini Goldendoodle

Before you even consider breeding your mini goldendoodle puppie, she needs to be at least 1yr old.  The best mama dog is one that has some independence and is not what I call a "princess" as they are not good moms.  You wont know these things untill your girl mautures enough to assess.   It seems like no big deal to have a litter of puppies  and a great way to make some easy money.  Not so fast....there is more involved that what appears on the serface.  Do your homework and find out if you have the time and resources to bring up a litter of well socialized and cared for mini goldendoodle puppies.  It is not uncommon to invest about $10,000 into the female to have her genetically tested, eyes tested, hips tested.  The breeding cost are dependant on natural or A.I. and if A.I. is done at vet's office plus the price to use the stud. You can buy a male to have as a stud, so add his price and tests into your expences.  He also will not be mature enough to breed until 1yr of age.  It is common for 1yr olds to not "take" on their first breeding.  Find a vet that is familiar with breeding and is willing to hold your hand.

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f1b mini goldendoodle puppy
f1b mini goldendoodle puppy

Do your research and make a decision based on the testing not on what you think you can make off a litter.  We have had litters that sold before they were born and others that we practically gave away.  Be prepared to make the ethical decisions of what to do if the pups can not be homed....

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