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Do Doodles Love to go Hiking with there Best Friends

Updated: Feb 6

One question we get asked frequently is do doodles love to hike. What size or breed of doodle is best suited to hiking? This is an excellent question because some Doodles are more suited to vigorous activity than others! As a Doodle breeder specializing in Mini-Goldendoodles, Mini-Bernedoodles, and Mini-Sheepadoodles, we have a lot of insight into how different types of Doodles enjoy the outdoors. If you are outdoorsy yourself, picking a Doodle puppy that will enjoy hiking with you will be important!

Freckles, Mini-Goldendoodle, enjoying the outdoors
Freckles, Mini-Goldendoodle, enjoying the outdoors

Doodles love to Hike with You

The first thing to consider is the parent breeds of your Doodle. What was crossed with a Poodle to bring about your furry bundle of joy? Not all doodles love hiking, and there are plenty of dogs from less active breeds that enjoy the great outdoors, so this isn’t true all of the time. But most purebred breeds of dogs were bred with an initial purpose in mind, which is good to keep in mind when picking the breed of dog. Doodles love many things, like snuggling and playing catch or hiking.

So what doodle breeds like hiking?

  1. Sheepadoodles

  2. Goldendoodles

  3. Labradoodles

  4. Aussiedoodles

What doodles love or don’t love hiking as much?

  1. Bernedoodles

  2. cavadoodles/cavapoos

Doodles love hiking hail from breeds that have active or working parentage. Goldendoodles and Labradoodles come from Retrievers - all-around active dogs that love the outdoors. Sheepadoodles and Aussidoodles, alternatively, come from working dogs that like staying busy. With all of the exciting smells, sights, and animals dogs meet on hikes, hiking is a great way for them to engage their busy minds!

The list of doodles that don’t always like hiking may surprise some people, but Bernedoodles and Cavapoos are not nearly as active as other breeds of doodles. Bernese Mountain Dogs were bred as guard dogs, and so they are happiest around their home, even though they do enjoy leisurely walks. Cavapoos come from King Charles Cavaliers, which are low-energy dogs. These dogs have been bred for several centuries as lapdogs for royalty, and they enjoy the role. Cavapoos have some of that laid-back attitude from the Cavalier, and they don’t love long excursions in the outdoors either.

Rosie, a Mini-Sheepadoodle, enjoying a a hike
Rosie, a Mini-Sheepadoodle, enjoying a a hike


A doodle’s breed is not the only way to determine if they will be suited to an active lifestyle. However, if you are looking for the perfect Doodle puppy for your family, it’s a great place to start!

Other aspects to keep in mind are socialization, base fitness level, and life stage. All of these can also affect how well a Doodle does on your hikes together.

Here at Doodles4love, we want to help you choose the right Doodle puppy for your lifestyle! Check out our available puppy page to see what litters we currently have and upcoming litters.

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