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Mini Goldendoodle Breeders have Doodle Pups Available Now

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Mini Goldendoodel Breeders have mini doodle pups available for homes starting January 3 to the 15th. We have mini bernedoodles and cream and red mini goldendoodle puppies.

These puppies are F1 and will average 25-35lbs at adulthood. They will have wavy coats that can be kept long with proper grooming or kept in a puppy cut for ease of care. The mini goldendoodle puppies are smart and very loyal family pets. We breed for health and temperament and have found the perfect mama girl in our golden retriever Sammie. Her puppies get rave reviews from their new families.

CC Cole"Our mini Golden Doodle from Doodles4love is one of the top five best things we have done. She does not kick up my allergies, I do not buy inhalers or asthma medicine in order to have my fur baby. Yes she cost $ but my medical expenses are no longer a monthly drain. She is very smart and such a joy to have. She sleeps in until we get up and loves to hang out with us. She needs to be brushed daily and we brush her teeth as well. She can be a wild one after a romp in the sprinkler, a dip in the creek or a bath. She’s small and easy to take with us when we travel"

Becky Schneider "We are so happy to have found Doodles4love and Amy. Between all the pictures and videos Amy sent of our growing pup, we fell in love with our mini goldendoodle Holly before we met her. Amy went above and beyond from start to finish with the selection, adoption, and even the delivery of our precious cargo. She truly cares about making the adoption process a wonderful experience for her puppies and the families who adopt them!"

mini goldendoodle puppy 3wks old
mini goldendoodle puppy

Our mini bernedoodle puppies will average 30 to 40 lbs at adulthood and have wavy coats.

They can be kept in a long wavy coat with a bit of extra grooming or cropped short for better management and coat care. These mini bernedoodle puppies love to be near their families and do best when inaugurated into family activities.

mini bernedoodle puppy
mini bernedoodle puppy

Brenda Chadwick . "We love our little Chester and our experience with Amy from Doodles4love. Chester is a happy and intelligent pup. It is apparent that Amy cares deeply for her dogs and their puppies. You will learn to love Sammi, Stella and Cherry as you follow their journey through motherhood with their puppies. Amy does a great job of communicating with her clients. She helps with the crucial stage of choosing the perfect puppy for your family and then walks with you as you and your puppy adjust to a new life. You won’t be unhappy with your puppy or experience at Doodles4love."

Amy Barnes "We are absolutely in love with Bear, our new little mini Bernedoodle! He is such a chill puppy that loves to snuggle and be around his humans. We’ve never had a puppy this mellow and loving- he is honestly a dream puppy! Amy was fantastic to work with and we would recommend her pups over and over again!"

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