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Mini Goldendoodle Breeders have Doodle Pups Available Now

Updated: Feb 5

Mini Goldendoodel Breeders have mini doodle pups available for homes starting January 3 to the 15th. We have mini bernedoodles and cream and red mini goldendoodle puppies.

These puppies are F1 and will average 25-35lbs at adulthood. They will have wavy coats that can be kept long with proper grooming or kept in a puppy cut for ease of care. The mini goldendoodle breeder our puppies are smart and very loyal family pets. We breed for health and temperament and have found the perfect mama girl in our golden retriever Sammie. Her puppies get rave reviews from their new families.

mini goldendoodle puppy 3wks old
mini goldendoodle puppy

Our mini bernedoodle puppies will average 30 to 40 lbs at adulthood and have wavy coats.

They can be kept in a long wavy coat with a bit of extra grooming or cropped short for better management and coat care. These mini bernedoodle puppies love to be near their families and do best when inaugurated into family activities.

mini bernedoodle puppy
mini bernedoodle puppy

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