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Are Mini Doodles Kids Best Friends? – The Ultimate Parent's Guide To Raising Doodles

Updated: Feb 3

mini doodles are the best friend to  any kid

A perfect family has a responsible father, loving mother, children, and pets! It's no rocket science for family members to get well along, and the real challenge is to find a furry friend who will be a good fit. If you are facing difficulty picking the best mini doodle puppies, this blog will be your go-to must-read problem solver.

Dogs are man's best friends, and among the list of all-time favorite pawsome creatures, Doodles manage to be #1 in the list. Doodles are amicable, affectionate, and loyal to the family, and stand out as the ultimate play-time partner for children. However, does this mean that Poodles are good with kids? As long as the children respect the dog, the child-dog relationship will cherish a cloud nine happily ever after feel.

Read on to find out why Doodles and kids are a true match made in heaven!

· A Doodle's Loyalty Extends to the Kids

Doodles make up the best fur baby for families and children. According to Research, Miniature Doodles are the most loyal in the canine world. A doodle will be your ultimate partner in crime and will be by your side against all odds. This characteristic feature makes them perfect for kids, as they'll be your second pair of eyes.

· Doodles are Highly Obedient Dogs

Doodles score #1 in the list of most obedient dogs. In a trial, dog intelligence was measured with the following criteria:

  1. The number of repetitions required to learn a new command.

  2. The success rate that a dog will obey a command they are familiar with on the first try.

Also, an obedient dog can be the best match for the kids. Obedience training is one of the best ways to foster a healthy relationship between humans and dogs. Alas, having kids make the most in this activity will only help strengthen their relationship with your Doodle.

Doodles Can Hang With Energetic Kids

With an amicable stride and a dignified demeanor, it's no hard guess that Poodles are truly energetic. And, they're very active dog breeds! Because they're active dogs, they can easily match with equally energetic children.

· Are Doodles Good With Infants?

Just a little advice for parents with infants who are planning to welcome a pet home: all three Doodles may not be the best bet with a baby in the house. It's not because they're naturally aggressive, but because some may be big barkers.

When you are aware that infants and any loud noises don't go well along, you will definitely avoid such a mix. So, if your baby is really sensitive, which most of them are, you'll want to reconsider the decision.

But if you are determined to bring a Doodle breed, don't worry. There are multifold ways to train a Doodle not to bark. As they are intelligent dogs and should have no problems learning to stay quiet. Still, be aware that extra training may be required.

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