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Are Mini Goldendoodle Puppies Good for Your Health? Find Out!

Updated: Feb 19

small mini goldendoodle puppies
Small Mini Goldendoodle Puppies to the Rescue

Did you know that having a mini Goldendoodle puppy is good for your health?

Benefits for Adults

Having something to take care of, such as a puppy gives you an added sense of well-being and purpose. For an adult, without children at home, a pet replaces the nurturing you gave to your children. A mini doodle puppy will give you companionship so you are not lonely. Thus, the sadness of being alone can be avoided because you have a companion. You will also get better exercise if you have a dog because they need to be walked regularly and so do you.

Mini Goldendoodle heads home
Mini Goldendoodle heads home

Benefits for Children

Mini Goldendoodle puppies would be perfect to assist you in teaching your child responsibility. A child who does the chores necessary to care for a puppy will be more confident. Puppies require feeding, playing with, and cleaning up after. Many parents use this as an opportunity to build confidence in their child. Confidence improves overall health in children increasing their level of happiness. A child who has to take care of a puppy learns kindness and passes that on to others in life. A puppy also gives a child companionship.

Emotional Support

It is becoming a common thing for both adults and children to have an emotional support animal that helps them with anxiety or depression or detects seizures or other health issues. Support dogs are used in hospitals to help in blood draws to relax and distract patients while a nurse draws blood. In nursing homes, dogs are brought in to cheer up the elderly. Mini Goldendoodles are a great fit for these jobs because of their small size, low shedding, and emotional intelligence.

mini golden doodle puppy
who needs a hug

Check out our current litter of Mini-Goldendoodle puppies on the available puppies page. And, to see them in action, check out our Youtube page

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