F1b Mini Goldendoodle Puppies  2020

F1B Mini -


Freckles - Finn

 January 21th 


Freckles - Finn Mini-micro Goldendoodle

$4000 Due Jan 20 2021

Red 20lbs average 

This Litter is All Homed

1. Alaco (full deposit received)#%

2.Birdwell (full deposit received)#%

3.Courtney Harper (deposit  received )#%

4.Fornander-Male (Deposit received )#%

5.Soderund Deposit received #%

6.Judson deposit  received

7.Brutel deposit received

Mini Goldendoodle Puppies from doodles4love family farm

Here are examples of some of the mini doodles that come from our family farm.

These mini goldendoodles are f1b and f1.


Coats on the mini golden doodle puppy can range from wavy as seen in the top left photo to extra curly as on the red mini goldendoodle with a ball in his mouth.  Generally the f1b will have a curlier coat than the f1.

The mama dog also plays a big role in the look of the mini teddy goldendoodle and the generation they are.  

We breed  f1 mini goldendoodles from Sammie our English Cream Retriever.  They are the first step away from the poodle and the retriever   Our f1b pups will be from Freckles our mini goldendoodle girl.


We are mini goldendoodle breeders

Sammie's  F1 mini golden doodle puppies will range in size from 25 to 40 lbs and most all her puppies will have cream markings or undertone. They are mild temperaments similar to Sammie and get rave reviews. One family reports

"Doing Great. Such a smart dog. He is 40lbs and very healthy, fits perfect with our family".

Freckles will have  f1b micro/tea cup goldendoodles. She is a pup we held back from Sammie's first litter. She will have her first litter Spring 2020. They will range in size from 10-15lbs with a soft wavy to soft curl coat.


The mini goldendoodle puppy will make a great family pet for an active family or the not so active family.  They love walks and will maintain better health and longer virility in life if they are kept active.  They can be taught to caught a ball or go on long walks. They are happy just to be at your side.

They are easy to train. In fact they start potty training at 4wks old. We start by putting a pee pad in the kennel next to them and moving it further away as they get older.  Animals in general will not lay where they poop so it is natural for them to move away from the sleeping area to potty.  

 There are 3 mile stones in a puppies development.  One is potty training, next is kennel training witch makes potty training easier as well as give a safe space for puppies.  The kennel goes back to the cave mentality in animals in which they need a place just to be or sleep.  Kennel training takes a strong will on owners part as pup will make you think they are being treated poorly.  We like  the advise of  this trainer  as he gives you practical suggestions on how to kennel and potty train you new family pet.  Puppies are like kids they require a firm loving hand with constancy and follow through.  

 Doodles of Twin Falls, ID, USA



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mini goldendoodle

Male mini goldendoodle puppy