Bernese Moutain Dog

Stella the Bernese Mountain Dog is a big bear in a dogs body. She is so loveable and loyal to her family.  We breed calm mini bernedoodles and Stella is a perfect example of calm.  Her first litter of mini bernadoodle puppies found homes quickly.  







English Golden Retriever.

Sammie is CKC registered She has been health tested and CKC out on hips and free of disease. She is about 70lbs of pure love. If you love the personality of the golden but hate the shedding we have the perfect solution in our breding to a toy poodle

Sammie f1 mini golden doodles range in size from 25 to 35lbs

F1 will have wavy coats and may be low to no shed

Puppies range in price from $2000.00-$2500.00 dependent on size and color.

To  See Sammie puppies from past litters visit life on the farm


F1 Golden doodle

 Miss Freckles loves going for walks, chasing squirrels, and going on car rides. Her coat is light golden with dark gold highlights and weights 30lbs.  



F1B Teacup Goldendoodle Puppies

April 2020 litter


They are f1b mini goldendoodle puppies that are considered true hypoallergenic and non-shedding. We breed for puppies that will weigh in at under 20lbs full grown. Puppies are 3500.00. We are currently taking deposits of $500.00 to hold your pic of the litter. Balance due in cash at pick up or before shipping. Deposits are nonrefundable but can transfer to another litter.


If shipping is required it is an additional $500.

Puppy and shipping must be paid in full before transport will be arranged.




Old English Sheepdog


March 2020

Cherry's pups will average in size at adulthood from 25-40lbs.  Her puppies are priced at $3500.00 deposit of $500. holds a puppy for you. 


           Mini doodle Size explained 


The term mini is used for a standard size dog (60-100lbs) that is bred to a toy (4 to 6 lbs), genetically giving you a dog that at adulthood will be half the standard dogs weight. An average of the two weights cut in half.




A toy or true mini is a mini-doodle (25-40lbs) that has been breed to a toy (4-6lbs) or teacup( 2lb). This type of breeding will produce a pup that will be the average of the parents weight as well. 

 Cherry  is the director of all activities  of the home in the best way possible, keeping her family where they need to be at all times.

She reminds me of Nana from Peter Pan, going behind the children keeping them on task.  She loves kids, and is gentle and sweet around all children she meets. Cherry loves going for walks, and going on car rides. Her coat is white with black, she  weights 80lbs.   She is currently here at the farm.

Miss Lady is an Australian Shepard. She weighs 35lbs at adulthood. She has one blue eye and one brown eye. She is a blue merle with tan highlights.   Her coat carries brown and tan and cream  and black. Her puppies will carry all variables of these colors as well as possible blue eyes. She is a lovable girl who wants to please. The aussie is a herding animal and is best suited for an active lifestyle and family.  She is loyal , highly intelligent, easy to train.  Her puppies will carry some of those same personalities and we recommend all our puppies go through  obedience training.  Grooming for this breed is minimal with regular combing out of the under coat.  

 Doodles of Twin Falls, ID, USA


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